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Bonjour, pouvez-vous me donner le diamètre des trous s'il vous plait

Hey Sorry for the late reply: Have you screwed it on really tight? If its leaking between the print and bottle that means there is maybe a small print inconsitency where the bottle and print touch. Sometimes the Bottles are not exacly round and there might be a slight deformation in the glass. So please screw it on tight, maybe try another bottle. If that does not help please provide me with some picture of the print. If you are so unhappy that you wish for a refund, please let me know and i will request it swiftly. I am deeply sorry in does not work as intended :(

Lol another one, i have a list of trash can designs that odly look like mine :D thanks for letting me know!

This is a authorized seller of mine :) thanks for wanting to let me know that there is somebody selling my design :) but it's all right!

I finally got around to printing the planter castle. I was amazed at the detail, and I liked the touch of draining the pot into the moat. I showed the print to a few friends and they all loved it. I increased the size 10% so it filled my full print bed and used a matte filament. I'll have to print it again in a different color. If anyone is looking for a really nice planter give this one a try.

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I printed it using the software which came with my Quidi X-Plus, I believe it is Cura based.

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Please post a photo as make! Would love to see it!

I gave it to someone and haven't printed another. I'll try to get a pic next week and post it.

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which software are you using? I’m looking for it please tell me

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I use fusion 360 and Blender :)

You've got some great designs and I really like your range of fungal shelves. Is there any way to split the STL to print the tops and rims of the mushrooms with different filament? I was thinking it'd be cool to print the stalks in white, and the tops in a different colour, or in glow in the dark filament!

Hey, cool idea! Since the top part and rim is not really flat this would be a rather complicated adventure and i am not sure if it would be printable in easy way if done seperatetely. What you can do is to use multicolor printing or paint the parts after the printing process. I noted this idea down in my list and will look into it. I cant promise anything though :)

je vous est acheter le fichier DESSOUS DE VERRE "CORKERPILLAR" et il s avère que sur le fichier avec 12 morceaux il y en a un de coller donc il ne s articule pas du tout
pouvez vous le modifier s il vous plait


Bonjour, Vous avez raison ! J'ai corrigé la partie et je l'ai téléchargée. Veuillez télécharger à nouveau les fichiers (vous pouvez les trouver parmi les fichiers que vous avez achetés). Je suis vraiment désolé de ce qui s'est passé et je suis reconnaissant que vous m'ayez informé du problème !
traduit par deepl

Hi! I just bought your notebook design! I was curious where you define the subtle line ripple texture on the cover. I don't see it when loading it into OpenSCAD. I would like to add a name to the corner with a smooth background, but the ripples cut through it after I slice it.


the ripples come from a slighly bent surface! so the cover is not completely flat but has a "wave" to it - which get turned into the pattern in the slicer :) i am not sure how to easily get a flat surface in there...

Hi, any chance you could make another fungus shelf of Laetiporus cincinnatus ? Printing your Amanita design as a gift for my daughter (she's starting a PhD program in forestry, so yeah, she's the kind of nerd that would like this sort of thing). Laetiporus "chicken of the woods" is one of her favorites, and also as it happens shaped perfectly for a shelf design. Also, curious what species of Amanita you based your design on, it looks closest to the deadly Amanita ocreata from the pictures I have found?

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Hey, nice to hear my designs are bringing some joy! I heard about this mushroom from someone else and that it looks quite "shelfable". I have added this to my list of possible further additions to the series! Thanks for the inspiration! The Amanita is not really based on a specific species but more on the genus. If you would post a make of the prints you made that would be awesome!

Bonsoir j'ai téléchargé votre modèle mais il est pour moi impossible a imprimer. Les remplissages se font une ligne sur deux et quelque soit la taille de l'impression je n'arrive pas a faire cela. Je suis désolé de vous déranger mais si il est possible pour vous de me rembourser je vous en serais reconnaissant. Je vous prendrais un autre modèle avec plaisir. Bonne continuation

Hey ! Désolé, je ne parle pas français mais mon application de traduction indique que vous voulez que votre achat soit remboursé. Je suis désolé d'apprendre que cela n'a pas fonctionné pour vous ! Je ne peux pas comprendre la raison car la traduction est mauvaise. J'ai demandé le remboursement et vous devriez être remboursé bientôt (traduit avec deepl)

Bonjour je voulait juste savoir quel filament avez vous utilisé pour votre boite montagne

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le bleu et rose

It's both isanmate rainbow Pla :)

Hello, I model cars and wheels, if you like, follow my page.

i. I can remember a box very similar to your "mountains" desk box, but with a shark's fin in water. And I guess it was you who made it. Is that right? If so, could you please send me the link to the .stl files?


Lol that one is from me, too 🤣 it's 5 designs below the mountain box - on my profile

OMG I'm so blind. Thanks!

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Good afternoon. I want to buy your models, but I can't because I'm from Russia and there is no way to pay.
Do you have any other option to purchase your creations?
My wife loves your designs. I would love to buy them for myself.

If you dont have access to paypal or creadit cards i am afraid i cant help you :( sorry!

hello I love your designs is there any chance that I can print them and try to sell them? I would like to know if I have the right for that

Hey 😊👋 i hava a partner who handles commercial licences for me :)
they are called Cubee and you can get access to my designs and the work
of other great people for your shop there

they also offer a lot of help with growing a 3d printing business. If
you have any questions you can contact them or me on Instagram or
Twitter :)

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Can i ask about what filament you use? I am yet to find a filament I really like and the pictures make yours look gorgeous. Thanks!

Especially the yellow one from the sunglasses case and the white one :)

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Hey its all Polymaker Polyterra PLA :) The yellow one is called "banana"

Hi I have a request for a trash-can-with-swing-lid can you make a version with 3 wall thickness

Hey, do you have issues with the 0.8 wall thickness file? Do you need help printing? Otherwise yes that would be possible :)

I just want to print Bit more stronger When that version will be available

Can you give me a mail so i can send it to you to test? You can dm it to me on twitter or instagram

Can you send me through email

Mail is out!

Hi Gazzaladra - Your designs are awesome! Can I commission you to make some cannabis inspired designs. Similar to your mushroom shelves and your cloud mold?

EX: Instead of clouds the mold was cannabis buds. Instead of mushrooms shelves it was climbing cannabis leaves.

Thank you!

Hey, unfortunately i dont do commission, but thanks for the interest :)

any chance i can get permission to post one of your succulent planters on my upcoming store? im still gathering products and i really like this!

Hey 😊👋 i hava a partner who handles commercial licences for me :) they are called Cubee and you can get access to my designs and the work of other great people for your shop there they also offer a lot of help with growing a 3d printing buisness. If you have any questions you can contact them or me on Instagram or Twitter :)

I'd like to feature your castle planter in Hackspace magazine, in the Top Projects section. This is just an art gallery of beautiful projects, so I'd only need a couple of high-resolution photographs plus your permission to reproduce them in the magazine.
Please let me know if this sounds good,

Hello, I am Vivian from JLCPCB.
I am here to seek cooperation.
Can you send email to if you are interested in cooperation with us?
Thank you~

Hey, unfortunately I have no experience in anything PCB related, so I am probably not the person you are looking for, but thank you for the interest :)

Hello, I just bought the notebook :) Do you have A6 size?

Thank you,


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Dina5 paper (dina6 folded) is included :) do you want a even smaller one that is Dina6 paper? So Dina7 folded?

Thank you!

Now I am confused 🤣 do you need a even smaller one or are already happy?

I wanted one for A6 sized paper when it's finished, haha Does that make sense? I also had a friend ask if I can make B6 size

Ok when it's finished means when it's folded, right? That version is already in there :D but I am also going to check if a even smaller one is feasible, since a mini pocket version would be also cool!

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Yes, thank you for clarifying. That would be awesome :)

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A version for DinA6 paper (DinA7 folded in size) is now included!

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Thank you1

Hello, i just bought the notebook file. im seeing that the design does not include any pattern. can i modify the file to customize?

Hey! The pattern you see in the photos comes when you slice it! The surface is bent lightly and has a angle - so the layers lines will result in the pattern :) just slice it with a 0.2 mm layer height and check the preview!

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Thats really smart I was going to ask the same question until I found this post!

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