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Can you make the interior for the E46 touring?

hi i really like your e46 compact design is it possible to get this model in some "full" version? like without holes for lights windows etc. ? thanks

Slt orez tu un fichier dun pare choc m e46 pour du 1/18 merci

dude, why are all your files having problems?! Its just a waste of money and you are not even responding to us.
The ATS, the WHEEL MESSER ME03-3, the S600 Maybach, s600 maybach 2, Rotiform SCR. Realy just all the files u are selling.... All a waste of money

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hello man. i downloaded the ats classics file from you but the closed spokes are to thin. the closed part between the spokes brake everytime when printed. Could u make that thicker mayb?

Doar modelul se strica cand repari janta

Salut....scuze de deranj modelul ca la poza ta de profil ....cand incerc sa o scalez janta nu ramane goala intre spitze....e poate face ceva?

Hello, I would like the e46 touring stl preview to check the quality and level of details prior buying. Do you have also stl for rear and front lamp covers?

hi i was looking at you e46 touring model and wanted to know if it can be up sized to 1/10 scale
thank you

when I open the stl file (Wheel Rotiform CBU) in Chitubox Pro, I get a message that the model is damaged. After repairing in Chitubox Pro, the central part with the wheel nuts etc. is missing. The openings are also closed.

When I print the model without repairing it, some parts are not printed correctly. Is there a version without errors that can be printed correctly?

(FYI: Autodesk Fuison 360 gives the following errors: Mesh is not closed. Mesh is not aligned. Mesh has no positive volume).

No solution? No reaction?


any way to model it with non facelift? thanks

bonjour ne sais pas si vous avez imprimé vos sièges mais en fdm et résine impossible les Pieces sont creuses et pas solidaire les une des autres et il y a des defauts au niveau des retours d'épaules dommage c'etait du beau boulot

Hello does it fit on the NuNu Kit or maybe Welly ?

Thanks for subscribing

Hello, I flipped through about 15 pages looking for a file on lowrider wire wheels. Is this something you may have, that I am just not seeing? Thanks!

Hi... I will upload some lowrider wheels this week 😁

que tal amigo te compre un modelo de rin para imprimirlo en una Anycubic mono en escala 1/64 y no se imprimió correctamente basándome en tus especificaciones de impresión.

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English please??

That such a friend bought you a model of rim to print on a 1/64 scale Anycubic mono and it did not print correctly based on your print specs.

Send me a Pic on my Instagram modelscalecustom! To see what happened :)

Hi man,
Got an issue with the Rotiform NUE: the center (where the centercap + logo and bolts are) is always printing as a flat piece on my printer, all the rest is perfect. Could you maybe find out what the problem is? I tried different angles to print them but still getting the same issue over and over...

Thanks in advance!

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Hi..i will look for the issue and get back to you with the update.. Sorry for the inconvenience...!!


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Give me your email :) to send you the update!!

Mate, it's still not 100% if I look at the sliced image.. Might want to take a look again, if you slice it you can see the issue starting around the time the centercap starts to print, email me so I can send you pictures of the issue I see :)

Leave me your send the wheel..

I'm waiting you to instagram on my page. Modelscalecustom to speak more there! 😁

Bonjour excellent model de jante j ai une question c est tes 18 ou 20 puce model 1/18 si non pourriez vous me dire comment faire pour les mettre a 1/ 18 merci beaucoup il son top

Pregunta el stl, lo voy a usar en una Ender 3 Pro, se pude imprimir varias llantas a la vez ??? o solo es para imprimir solo 1 llanta por vez??? agradecería tu pronta respuesta

Yes you can print more then 1 tire!

can i request for adv 1 so that it is not too concave, so only a little bit concave :D

You are welcome! Great work! Keep it up!