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Hi! Thank you for your purchase of the 4th of July Hanging Sign. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I look forward to seeing any makes you post or share online. Happy 4th!

Hi, just wondering if I can purchase your card kits with the intention of selling the printed objects?


My Name is Daniel Schwan, I'm a leading member of the german charity association "Helden für Herzen e.V." (Heroes for hearts). Our goal is to visit cancer suffering and other very sick or socialy disadvantaged Kids and teenagers all around germany and bring them joy and laughter. We cosplay and act their favorite Heroes, princesses or villains (thats up to the kids preferences), so they have a great day and forget about the pain and suffering. We're always looking for something special as a gift for our little hero patients and i stumbled over your Millenium Falcon and Tie Fighter. I think this would be great as a gift, so I'd like to ask you for your permission, so we can print them and make it a gift for the Kids. Of course i wouldn't alter your Name on it, I just want to ask if I'm allowed to expand the latch with your name and print our associations name under yours, so everybody knows "Oh hey, look, it's the Helden für Herzen!".

I'm also responsible for our convention presence and I'm always looking for specials to give out to interested people. So we would love to print a small amount of Cards to make a raffle to raise money for the Hospices and give the cards to the winners. I don't know if this is a kind of commercial selling, so i want to ask for your permission first.

I'D appreciate an answer to my email adress:


Thank you for your comment . I love your creations, I showed my daughter your other articulated animals. Now she wants the pig. thank you for these beautiful designs