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hola no se si hablas español! quisiera saber que placa has usado para programar y el programa que has utilizado mi correo

Hi. I don't speak Spanish but Google does ;) You didn't mention which project you are refering to but check out my projects website (link in the bio) for more info. pm me if what you're looking for isn't there.


I am interested by a royalties free licence about your paint racks.
I have a website, and i am interesting to sell theses racks as tool for modelkit community.

If your are interesting how cost for these licence ?

That's inclued citadel model and vallejo

Thanks for your great design i have print for me that's work fine :)

Hey, do you want to shoot me an email about it ? (email is in my profile)

Scissor paint racks. Can this be made to accommodate bottles 100 mm tall? If so how do I do that?
or can you make one that can do that. My wife loves the design but wants this for her craft paint bottles (100 mm tall).

NM found one on your page.

Nice model, i made the 40 bottles for me and tried to make V1 (24 bpttles) for my son. Al is ok, but the height of handle part is only 0.2, very thin, dont you think 0.4 or even 0.6 could be stronger ?

What design and part are you refering to? I can't think of a part that's 0.2mm thin. Or do you mean 0.2 inch (5mm)? The handle is 6mm deep and usually plenty strong. It is inset to a wall thickness of 1.2mm and if you want you can extrude the inner face to 'fill up' the shape if you feel it needs to be much stronger. (Also, your wall thickness print settings will have a big impact on how strong the parts come out . I usually print 3 perimeters and 10-15%infill for parts that need to be sturdy)

Please confirm all STL's open oriented as they should print (eg. segments are vertical rather than flat on their face)

If you are refering to the 7-Segments design then no, the parts came out of the CAD package in the orientation they were constructed. But most parts have a very obvious flat side and just need to be rotated a multiple of 90 degrees for the print.

Could the V3 be expanded to hold 50 paints?
Looking at the schematics and I'm thinking maybe, but not sure.

I assume you are asking about one of the scissor paint racks. In theory, they can be extended by combining more than the intended number of tray segments, leading to a wider rack. You'd have to modify the handle to fit the larger dimensions (probably print it in multiple pieces, too).

I was actually thinking of going taller instead of wider, so 5 shelves of 10 slots?

Ah okay. In that case you'd probably want to extend the legs to accomodate the changed center of gravity.

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Hello! I was curious if you had any of the scissor paint holders that would work for the .25 oz Testers paint for on models?

I'm not familiar with the bottles you are describing but check the given bottle dimentions on the existing models (in the galleries).

bought the citadel and vallejo racks - printed the v2 citadel, and it works a treat - but the handle is way to big for the v2 - in fact it seems to be too big for the v1 even. Could we get a handle for the v2?

You are referring to the citadel v2 rack ? The handle for the v2 rack is too large to fit v1 because v1 is 6 bottles wide and v2 is meant to be 8 bottles wide. Note that the trays of v2 are assembled from two 4-bottle parts, side by side. See pages 12-14 of the assembly instructions

Good afternoon,
Are your Citadel paint racks compatible with the Vallejo/Army Painter paint racks? I have a mix of paints that I would like to store together. Contrast paints and army painter speed paints.
I look forward to your response

Do you mean can the parts from the different racks be combined to create a mixed rack ? No, each rack is dimensioned to fit the specific bottles.

Thanks for the reply.

Hello, will your scissor paint rack v1 print on the prusa mini? If not, are there plans for one? Thank you.

The parts are dimensioned to fit in an Ender3 style build volume (220x220cm). A few of the parts will not fit on a 18x18cm build plate without chopping them up. Overall, I think it would be quite involved to print any of the racks on such a small printer. I would not recommend it.

Understood, need a bigger printer then lol.

Je vous ai acheté déja deux modèles et je voudrais vous acheter aussi celui mode citadel mais c'est de la tamya en petit pot que je voudrais mettre, ça ira? je n'ai plus de citadel en pot pour comparer les diamètres , en vous remerciant par avance ;)

Bonjour. If you check the image gallery of the citadel paint rack you'll find a drawing of the bottle dimensions: diameter=33mm height=57mm. I don't currently have a Tamiya bottle to check. Hope this helps

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Good morning,
It's perfect!! I'm going to buy your file, so I'll have them all, thank you for these great supports, friendly, Jean-Louis

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sir , ill buy a completed paint rack from you ill bid only $25 and $7 for shipping .. message me back .

you might ask how to sell and pay for the item . simple etsy ill buy one from there .

this comment space below is for your etsy link for your 3d printed products .

Hi, I'm afraid I am not selling physical models.

Does the Earth puzzle include Antarctica?

Of course :) In fact, it's fairly pronounced (heights are a bit exaggerated overall)

Bought the scissor rack designs from you and love the citadel one that we have already printed. My issue is that I cannot get the Valleo versions V2 or V3 t fit within my print volume - I am using Cura with the ender v3 printer installed - please can you advise?
Many thanks again for the design

Some parts are longer than the width/height of the build plate and need to be rotated until they fit, utilising the full diagonal space on the plate. Skirts and brims also count and you may need to disable them to fit very large parts, like the handle, or v2 trays. (Disabling 'Snap Rotation' in the rotate menu in Cura can give much better fine control as well)
Hope this helps

It depends on your settings but I'd say maybe roughly about 650g (2 line walls, 10% infill).

Lol ok got it had a skirt around it . Thanks

I noticed it says fits on ender 3 with v2. Ok so I'm not crazy lol thought I seen it fits on ender build plate but cura is showing me it doesn't.

Hi so just printed all the parts now trying to tray. I didn't realize it doesn't fit on the ender 3 bed how do I get v1

bonjour je voudrais savoir si vous pourriez en faire un pour les bouteille de 30cl

Hi. I currently only have racks for the most popular bottles. But check out my Apple Barrel rack, that may fit your 30ml bottles.

Hi, thanks for posting this great design! I printed one in PLA and it turned out nicely.

Like some of the other folks below, I'd like to print this on my Elegoo Jupiter in a tough resin in order to get really clean, strong parts with thin walls. The only problem that I anticipate is that folding up the trays to glue and assemble them would not work well with a resin print. The fold lines are likely to fracture.

On the other hand, they'd print beautifully if they were modelled in a pre-folded position. Is there any chance you could post a version of the trays already folded?

I can't revisit designs at the moment but if you manage to do the bends yourself (blender? fusion360?) I'd love to hear how your prints went.

I was able to slice the trays in 3D Builder and fold/reassemble them in Fusion 360. Printed great! Let me know if you'd like copies of the pre-folded tray stl's.

no need, but I'd love to see some pictures of the finished rack if you have any?

I just uploaded some pics of my racks. Check Makes...

Very cool. Love the translucent look! Is the resin sturdy enough to withstand some rough handling?

Hi, I'm trying to print the Citadel version on an ender 3 220x220. Cure shows the V2 handle is too big for the build plate. Your pic shows that the handle fits corner to corner but Cura shows it to be too big. I import it into Tinkercad and it show the length to be 292mm.

do not know if the designer is monitoring the board, in cura there a setting to turn off the raft it prints a line around the border of the part that may be on any way good luck it seems gone MIA on this one I reached out on facebook and he removed the post if that says anything

Sorry you are looking to turn the Brim off

No brim or skirt of any kind. It does not fit on bed when I open it in Cura.

Use pursa slicer it fits just loaded it, got to be how the setting are on cura

You have to rotate the handle until it fits in the print volume. as mentioned, switch off brim/rafts. Make sure Cura doesn't add additional safety margins to the print, you'll need the full build plate for this one.

This is a great idea however I would like to print this on my elegoo saturn resin printer and have a same easy change to the STL files...
1. The tray fits on the build plate and the print time in resin is about 32 minutes on Pursa FDM it lots longer printing this out in fine detail took about 4 hours so can you adjust this where it folds up is on a 90 on booth ends ( that would also work for FDM printers ) where not a fold it up type of thing.
2. The handle and post are too large a cut in the center of the handle and post with a male / female connector to glue them to gather would work for booth as well

Thank you for your time Ron

Hi Ron. At the moment I am not recommending to print this design in resin due to the fact that most resin prints are relatively weak mechanically, brittle and have little abrasion resistance. It doesn't mean there is no way to do it but many/most casual hobbyists would have a bad experience attempting it.

hello, I seen this when I first got my printer and been trying to find it again since lol. So I laid out everything as you did on platform in cura. Started printing right away after slicing the first set. Then on last group (I had to make 4 groups) I ran into a big issue. The stand leg doesn't fit my bed according to cura. I'm using my ender 3 v2. and according to your pics they should fit at 220 which I have. I have turned it every which way possible. I know I can't scale down to use but I did just to see and it still wouldn't slice it said nothing there to slice .When I bring into cura it shows size as 7x11x280 What can I do?

You'll have to rotate the part to fit it onto your build plate

I use a pursa slicer however in Cura there may be a box you uncheck to get rid of the brim?

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Oh I figured it out right afterwards I love it but got to do another have more paints. Ty so much

Is it legal/allowed for one to inquire on this message board about any sale options of printed designs? The Scissor rack seems like a great option with regards to this.

You're welcome to contact me via email for more sales options (email address in my profile).

Bonsoir, j'ai fini d'imprimer et de monter mon votre support peinture et j'aimerais mettre des photos.. En tout cas bravo pour votre realisation, c'est top de chez top!!

bon travail! looking good :)

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