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I saw that at one point you had Ariel from Thundarr the barbarian as an eternia mini. Do you still have that file available for download?

Good day! I came across your Sun Man and Pig Head Eternia Mini 2 pack design via Google purely by chance. Are these files still available? I'd love to add them to my work space if so. You've created the characters in a very fun style that perfectly straddles the line between action figure and chibi collectible. Thank you for your work :)

Recently purchased R11 design. Excited as it is to arrive today! However, now I'm reading these only work on clay/foam/etc. 😵‍💫 I bought it to texture my bathroom wall...will it work?

I purchased this set of rollers and now ready to print them out and have a couple of questions

  1. these for resin or FDM printers ?
  2. are this best printing standing up or lay on the printer bed

Hola! Me encantan tus modelos de los Eternia Minis
Quería saber si tienes algún modelo base de esa linea, igual que tienes para los motu clásicos de 5.5

Hi Emboyd,
I sadly realized that Thundarr minis (like all the rest of the minis, sob) have gone away :'(
Any chance they are getting back in the near future?

After you make the custom do you paint it

¿Qué personajes te gustaría ver?

por favor has otra wave estan geniales los galaxy warrior mini

Hi, I just wanted to ask about your 5.5 female barbarian figure. Is 5.5 in reference to the height and is that in inches?

I'm looking to make some slave girls for a Masters of the Universe display so am wondering if this figure is to scale.

Yes, to scale in reference to MOTU.

Awesome, thanks!

Thank you for your message. We are using the scale ho so we are not adjusting the size. We have tried it several times. And as soon as the machine starts applying the railing it does not reach as if the rails are in mid air and not attached. It's such a beautiful design. I am trying to make it to add to my husbands train layout.

Hello Emboyd, for your rollers, do you have the details of the scale? please. kind regards

Hard to say as you can print them at any size. By Default, I just tried to make them work well for DND style miniatures.

hola! me ha resultado muy util tu barbaro de 5.5 en version normal, y quisiera saber si hay planes de adaptar la version mujer de iman a este tipo de encastre? de no ser asi, no tengo problema de que podamos coordinar un encargo. espero tu respuesta y gracias nuevamente

Hi there,

I was wondering if there might be any chance of doing a non muscular figure for the male and female models you have. Like a heavy character. I used to collect AWA Remco figures and I was thinking something like their second body set for the heavy wrestlers.

Thank You,

Hi, I just purchased your rollers and so far they are great. Can I find images of the textures with the accompanying roller name somewhere or do I have to open them one by one to see what the texture looks like ?


Im very much interested in purchasing the rights to sell printed versions on your rollers. Is this something you would be willing to do?

How are you trying to open them?

I download these and it says it is corupt

I need to change it, but they are kind of a place holder as I realized I didn't finish all the weapons. Then I will drop it to the actual price.

I was wondering are the galaxy fighters £507 or is it a typo?