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Cheers man cant wait to see what you come up with

Hey Brad! Thanks man!! Yeah I was going to make a few varieties, I can definitely release those separately!

Hey Daniel, yeah I include only one sided hands, to get the opposite hand, Mirror the parts on the X axis in your slicer and bam, instant right hands :D You can also mirror the bodies to get even more varieties! Cheers

Any chance you could put the banner for your cursed warriors up separately iv been trying to find a good skin banner and yours is by far the best iv come across it would be much appreciated

Hello, I recently purchased the Wracked warrior squad and when I downloaded the file there wasn't any right hands. Is it suppose to be that way or did something not load correctly? Thanks for the reply loving the sculpts.

Hey LIVII, thanks for letting me know! Updated to include the gauntlet

Hello Edge,
I just bought the Grotesque Monstrosity 02 and saw that the flesh gauntlet does not show up in the file, only in the display pics.