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Hello EDDITIVE, I am interested in your beer bottle lock design and your hex business card holder tiles. I was wondering if I could pay you for the rights to these models. I await your response. Thanks, Rowan.

Hi Rowan, can you please provide some further info? What do you plan to do with the models, what would be the terms, what is the offer? Just a warning - I'm always open to discussion but I'm not typically keen for my open access designs to profit others, so I'm keen to learn more.

I plan to print them and then sell them on Etsy. But before I did that I wanted to ask permission.

I’m a young entrepreneur trying to experiment in the. Business world and this would really help me get started.

Appreciate that Rowan, thanks for the info. Always great to meet someone passionate about 3D printing.

However, the models I share have been part of my own brand ( and were created and shared deliberately with a "non-commercial" CC license. I don't think it would be fair to others if I now started allowing people to profit of these models. I'm sure you will find a ton of other great models that allow for commercial use, or you can follow some of the tutorials on my website to learn how to create your own :)

Happy 3D printing.

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Hi, Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I'd prefer that my designs not be sold or profited on where this is listed in the CC license. I have other designs shared elsewhere for this purpose, but the ones I share on this platform are deliberately left open for all to enjoy and remix for their own personal use only.

Happy 3D printing.

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Thanks for your question. For some reason all the instructions are missing from the page. But you can read them here:

Basically, the pieces you mention were not designed to be 3d printed as it is far quicker and easier to cut them from a sheet of plywood or particle board.

You can also see a lot more detail about this project on my blog

Hope this helps :)

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