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More Froud if you get a chance, please! Great work.

That's a strange bit of synchronicity I was watching The Dark Crystal series for like the 5 time last night while looking through a load of Brian Froud art books :)

Hey! I recently came across your ancient titan file and was hoping to be able to repose the legs. Would you happen to have the disassembled legs/feet files or some way to go about that?

I'm not sure which version is on Cults a I did the sculpt years ago and Cults auto uploaded from another site for me, but I have a version where the legs are separate.
I think they have ball joints as well. The feet are still attached though I'm afraid.
I'll post a link to it

The new version Bio Titan I did has separate feet you can get that one for free from MMF

Hope that's of some help
All the Best

Thanks for the quick response! I'm sorry I misspoke, I meant to ask about possibly posing the knee joints of titan but that's alright, I'll go through meshmixer or blender to see if can separate em.
Thanks again!

Could you post your trans human

I want to print the " horned female ". The single horns are located in the ZIP folder, but not the associated body. Is there a chance to get the body who fits? The complete Body with horns is hard to support :)
best greets, Sebastian