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hola buenas te he intentado contactar contigo por instagram necesitaria que me ayudaras con un cartel que quiero hacerle a mi hermano realmente seria que me hicieras el diseño de las letras y pagando lo que me digas ya que yo tengo una ender 3 y podria imprimirlo y montarlo todo. mil gracias

hola,buenas tardes...Me compre una maquina de Tenerife...y me gustaria saber que me cobras por hacerme un diseño de cartel led con el nombre mio CanariioM16 ??

Muchas gracias y espero respuesta pronto,graciias

Hola cuánto cobras por hacerme un modelo 3d de un Funko pop

hola buenas tardes haces modelos a pedidos ? gracias

Muchísimas gracias por su diseño. Mi familia me va a dar los componentes electrónicos para mis cumpleaños y yo voy a imprimir lo demás. Espero disfrutar el proceso de montar y terminar el proyecto. Espero usar el “Bluetooth Speaker” en mi oficina y seré el envidio de todos mis compañeros.
Si deseas, le enviare unas fotos del producto final.

¡Una vez más, gracias!


Hello mate, I bought your RICK model and its perfect. I have a wish can you make "" model ? Thanks for answer.

hola me encanta tu canal y tus diseños
tengo la ender 5 plus y e visto tu video de extrucion directa,me encanta las tapas para esconder el cableado.lo estado buscando en tus diseños y no estan
vas a ponerlo?

Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...


Please, can you make a GeekLabs model for me (with the Komika Axis font)? I'm not good at 3d modeling, but absolutely love your work. Of course I pay for your work. Thanks for your help!

Best regards: Tibi

Good afternoon,
I'm wondering if you do a freelance work.
I have a relatively simple vent for an old boat I'm looking to have recreated as they are no longer available.
Was wondering if you'd be interested in doing the design work?
thanks in advance

Hello how are you I contact you to ask you for some advice to start in cults, or I have some models published but none have many views, I do not like you, and I saw that you are quite popular on the platform. Thank you, I'm looking forward for your answer.

good evening
I would like to receive the printing parameters necessary to obtain a good result, can you give me some advice. thanks

Hii Duke, how are you?

I just love all the creations that you make.

I'd like to ask if this Rick Sanchez model is open for sale. I'm from Brazil and I have some friend that would love to get one too.

Do I have your permission to sell this 3D Printed Rick?

Hiya, I love your alphabet but whenever i come to print certain letters ie B or Q they print backwards...any idea why? Would you mind privately messaging me and helping me as id love to eventually included your letters in my products for sale and give you a cut.

Hi sir, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hi i just bought your Rick Sanchez model. Excellent model, but i have a little problem; Cura slice "Fixed-Neck-Small.stl" wrong. It slice the model like a solid cylinder, i tried different profiles and settings. Can you please try it in Cura?

Trabalho incrível, porem tive problemas com a stl, poderia me ajudar por favor ?
já passei por alguns programas, mas não consegui resolver o problema.

Thank you for sharing your great work!!!

Amazing work keep it up