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Hey! Your models are amazing! I love your recent ant, it's really funny the movement it makes.
I have a store on Etsy. If you allow me to print them for sale and if you are interested, we could discuss an agreement between us? Here is my email address: Continue, it's great! : D

Hello! I have a small shop and I would love to be able to sell your Skeleton for just the next month or so. Do you allow people who have purchased the STL to sell the prints? I would also post the link to your page on my website, Etsy and Ebay stores. Thank you

Would be awesome to embed magnets in the hand model to allow to stick to doors, costumes, and cars ?
Think of moving tapping fingers by using magnets underneath a table.


Your designs are so nice and funny.

What is a software that are you using

Printed like a dream, thanks! Any chance you'll be releasing one with fingers that close more? Would be cool to have it close around a broom handle or something.

Keep up the great work!

Downloaded the free stl of flexi hand. Many thanks, excellent design.

Excellent Job on the Flexi Line..
Lobster is the best..
Just thought.. how about a scorpion similar to the lobster..
Will need to work on an inverted tail configuration.

Morning matey,

First I absolutely love your models, I've bought them all, printed them all and love them all so thank you!

I have a quick question. I'm thinking about printing 10 or so models (A couple of each of your models) and selling them but any and all money made after shipping going to a charity I care about (The Trussell Trust Foodbank in the UK) but before I really start thinking too much about this I wanted to see if this was okay with you? I just love your models and how easy they are to print and how other people also love them.

Basically, it will be not for profit, I will not be making a penny from this (Will actually cost me filament).

Is this okay with you or nah? I'd honestly understand if you are not okay with this, you put a lot of hard work into these models!

Thank you.


Cannot find a way to print this skeleton on my Prusa 3d Printer Please help Thanks from Philip.

I have paid for your skeleton model but could not print it as There was no way I found that the file was compatible with my Prusa Printer MKs. Feel really let down. Philip.

Hello mate , I really like your prints and I would like to print some to sell them in UK , I will give you a 10% from the price per figure ,and I wanna ask you if you agree with that.

Thank you !


seeking your contact info for business enquiry!

Hey DSOPALA, your designs are professional. You are really an excellent designer. I need your email info for business enquiry.

Wonderful job!!
You gave a reason to start using my 3d printer again
Thank you!

amazing models! i have all 3 and am waiting for more to come! your characters are by far my favourite of anything articulated i have found!

Je n'ai pas trouvé comment envoyer ce message en privé pour éviter que ça fasse "autopromotion".
Je me suis amusé avec ta tortue et j'en ai fait une mini vidéo (^_^)

Hey I was wondering if I gave u a logo if u could make an actuated model out of it like u did with your fish and how much the commission would cost me

Hola he visto que has descargado el archivo de "HOOKAH BOQUILLA / MASTIL 3D PENE, COLITA.. DILDO, NEPE PARA MANGUERA" hay una nueva versión disponible, ya que la anterior contaba con una parte de la estructura rota

Good designs. Saw it on Ender 3 FB Group page, but wanted to support your work. Looking forward to printing these for some Friends kids.

Hey, love the look of your skeleton and turtle.
Are you ok with people who have bought the STL to sell prints of the model?
happy to provide a link back to here or your catalog of choice on a card or other insert with the sale.

Hello. I am a teacher in France. In september I will create a school mini firm based on 3D printing for dropout pupils. I have bought 2 broken printers with my own money and repaired them. The pupils will have to run the firm : they will buy the PLA and manage the stocks, they will build 3D objects and then promote them and sell them in a "school shop" to make a little money. Ultimately I would like them to build prothesis and work with the e-nable organization ( To start with, I am looking for small objects that are cheap and easy to build. There will be a selling at Halloween / Christmas / Valentine's day / Easter. So your little skeleton would be very popular for Halloween. Would you let me sell it within my school for a very low price ? The purpose is to make dropout pupils take an interest in school again (they will study maths / French / technology / management etc without realizing) and to make a little money to finance the building of 3D prothesis... Thanks for telling me. Best regards.

Hi, sorry to write you but it is possible to have it as solidworks parts for modifying it like adding key chain or adding big eyes. I have bough your model. Thanks in advanced and best regards

Hi Raspa88. The hole in the back of the head is to hang it on the wall with a small nail. I felt it was better then a hoop, because that way it's hidden. I do like your idea for a key chain, I will consider adding that. thanks for your purchase.

Hello, I purchased the skeleton. Its a beautiful design. I don't understand very well the hole for to hung it, its not a trough hole. Wouldn't a hole from the top front to the back of the head be better? Or a 45º through hole from the back? Like a keychain hole or something?
I hope you made more designs like this!

Update to all that have simplify 3D problems. Please re-download, It should be fixed now.

I got your skeleton and it looks awesome. The feet contact is a little too small and the feet keep popping off after about 1cm height.
Everything else is fine. I printed twice with different temps and speeds and same result. I may try to remix to widen the bones and feet contact with bed. Thanks for the cool model.

Hi great design, but having problems where the ribs join the spine, also where the legs join at the pelvic are , they keep breaking away, tried different infill and layers the rest prints ok. Look forward to hearing if you can sort. Thanks

Hello. I confirm Simplify3D did not slice this model correctly. Seems ok with another slicer (tried IceSL, but I didn't try the gcode on the printer). It was a 100% scaling printing.
Errors are mainly located to the top of the legs, the bottom of the head and the chest cavity. It sems the obects intersections you are using are sometimes "substracted" instead of creating a solid result. So legs and chest bones are not a part of the model. May I share you the generated gcode?
I also tried the default Simplify3D settings as I tuned them (and it could cause the bad slicing): same results.

Super happy to hear it, Thanks

Nice design, thanks. My daughter liked it very much :-)

I'm not sure what you mean by open spaces, I do know that you need to give it some infill for top layers to adhere to, but that is the case with most prints. Perhaps your download got corrupt somehow, try downloading it again. no one else has had this issue. Is there a way you could show me what you mean?

I managed to print it at 50%, but the joints had to be wiggled a bit to loosen them up. I can't imagine it can get smaller than that. But at that size my wife was joking that she could use them as earrings on Halloween.

I've sliced it with Simplify3D and noticed (while printing...) that the hip and head joints are not rendered correctly, leaving some open spaces that may lead to a very fragile piece. Could you please fix the model? Thanks

Hi. Is it scalable to print it smaller? how small to keep clearances safe? Thanks