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Hello. Could I hire you to customize your Poseidon 3D design? I would like to have a different head placed on it. Thank you!


I am a student in Iran
With the American sanctions, buying with dollars is very expensive for us Iranians
Each dollar is 32 times that of other countries.
I really like Guru's design
Can you do me a favor and sell it for under $5?
I will show you anything you want to prove that I did not lie
As you can see, I am in Iran
I plan to buy some more designs from you
I will buy from you step by step
Do me this favor
Please. I am begging you with all my heart

there are no discount features on this service.

Бро, как из России оплатить можно?

Hello. I downloaded the Shao Khan figure. Looking in the files the large model doesnt seem to have a part for the Hammer. the hammer file is more just a staff

Bonjour, je suis a la recherche d'une personne qui pourrait modéliser un personnage du film "The Hobbit" : Azog sur son Warg , est-ce possible et à quel prix ? Merci pour votre retour.

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hello. Yes, I do it to order. prices depend on the detail (size of the model you are printing.. on small models, the skin details are unknown. and on the big ones, you have to do everything ...) and so on weapons.. and cutting. preparing for printing

hola saludos compre uno de sus modelos pero me sale con errores me prodia ayudar

hello. do you print fdm?

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there may be a lot of polygon for your software. I added a file compressed in 2 rvaz. without loss in quality. under the name vdm. try to download it again

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Even so, it keeps telling me that the files still have errors.

when i open the file in my printer program "creality print"
tells me that I have
Illegal edge: 201
hole number 31

the model is technically sound! they are printed without problems. perhaps the print size is not suitable because VDM printers are not able to print fine details accurately! the model's grid is working properly.

fdm printer

You say that even if it tells me there is an error, it prints without problems on my fdm machine?

the print quality of the printers is very different. it all depends on the capability of your machine. perhaps the error shows you on the thin part of the model. the model grid is working! send me a screenshot to the mail where it showed an error on the gri

Of course , I am not an expert on fdm printers . but it seems to me that complex models for these printers are difficult to print. such models are usually printed on a photopolymer printer

Дима привет! Не могу приобрести у тебя модели фигур, не проходят карты из за санкций видимо.Как приобрести их ?

привет. в вк напиши.

Hey man! I downloaded your bodybuilder STL and for some reason it comes out with a glitch on the design or something. This is my email:
if you can email me so i can send you a picture of what i mean, I'd really appreciate it

hi show me the image of a bodybuilder

perhaps the file has too many polygons. and your software is weak! I compressed the model without loss of quality. download it again

Does this model come with the SFW version also? If not, will it be available later?

what is it SFW

and what model are we talking about

I am sorry. I should have been more clear. There is a model of Mrs. Incredible and she is partially nude. I was wondering if you had the clothed version of her included with this one or is it just nude? (SFW=Safe for Work- it is a phrase used to describe non-explicit items)

already clearer) which one from Facebook?

Do you do commission works?

of course. there is an instagram link in the profile header

are you having problems downloading?

hello friend, I bought the file based on the photos in the file, but I didn't receive what is there

error loading .I'll fix it now

thank you for reporting the error

ok but how can i get the correct stl as per the photo of the bodybuilder with the chains

re-upload the file. if you have acquired it , you can do it all the time .file replaced

hi i saw picture of your supergirl model, could you add it to sell?

hello. the model still needs to be prepared for the cult exhibition... how I will do it.. immediately appear here

Thanks! I hope to have her in my collection as soon as she goes up. Cheers!

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I saw your "flashing" Supergirl on FB, will she's posted soon? Gotta put her 1/4 scale in my collection! Excellent work!

hello. the model still needs to be prepared for the cult exhibition... how I will do it.. immediately appear here

thanks. about other characters. if to order

Merci, c'est gentil.

Привет !
Я хотел бы знать, могу ли я получить ваше разрешение на продажу физической версии (без файла)?
Пожалуйста, напишите мне по адресу,
и мы можем продолжить обсуждение.


what's wrong with her?

if you opened the model in Cure. there may be too many polygons for this program. I uploaded with less. download again

did you succeed?

Necesito ayuda.. me dice que tiene errores cuando lo abro en cura

I wanted to update the file.but I have problems uploading the file to the cult. send me the mail . I will send the file

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por favor enviame a ese correo... gracias


Good Morning
my email:

the file is exposed. you can download it again

compre y descargue el stl pero no puedo usarlo, me dice que tiene errores y debo corregirlos, que hay superficies incompletas... como hago para obtener el corregido..

which model ?

if you are looking at the model for serviceability in third-party programs...?

Is there somewhere iIcould buy something you made? I really like your Homer Christmas ornament but I dont even have a 3d printer, do people here sell stuff? Would you like to? Thanks!