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Hi, that is probably a difference in units (mm / inches). Try open the files in your favourite slicer app and see the dimensions there.

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Thanks for answering. I have another query, is the outer diameter of the bearing 20mm?

Hi, I'm afrais I designed it with Sketchup, so no parametric model.

Hi, I'm afrais I designed it with Sketchup, so no parametric model.

Do you have a parametric original of your awesome right angle gearbox with spiral bevel gears?

I'm loving how well they work, and I want to incorporate them into a new design (I use Fusion360).

Hi, do you mean something to improve the layer cooling?
The distribution board cover should be easy to design. I suggest you to try doing that yourself.

hey! do u mind making an anet et4 fan shroud. I would like to print small miniatures and the stock part is not that good. can u also design a distribution board cover so that all the electronics are covered up.