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Hello, I wanted to ask you if I could get permission to sell prints of your stls. I would be willing to sign an agreement for commission or something like a patreon

I would be okay with this at like 20% royalties

Do you have a better method of contact

Hi there ..first off i want to give you a massive thumbs up on this idea ... But i would like to ask how would the position of the Z be locked ,or more to the point can in be locked into.position as my laser module alone is not very light ...and atm its held on by two bolts that you undo to raise and lower the laser .. Thaknk you ..👍

hola!! la primer articulación de la cabeza no logre que se mueva. y a la parte 4 v3 el prusa slicer le encontro errores que reparo con netfab. el resto genial. muchas gracias

I recently downloaded both of your Flexi Godzilla prints and gave it a go. The limbs print out just fine, but the main body keeps ending up stitched together during the printing. I use a 4mm tip for the extruder if that's the reason why but if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me how to fix this issue.

hmmm.. what settings are you using for the print

Hello, can you make the heart without the mouth or the eyes

hi, I download your model of alian chestburster and I like it a lot. Can you make similar model in the shape of a ring so that I can wear it too? :)