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Hi. Do you make custom cutter?

yes .but queue first. i'm working on a lot of orders.

cutter as you wish. if you need personal communication, here is my email."". here everyone can read messages

Hi! Is there any way to contact you beside through this website?
I'd like some personalized cutters and I would love to work with you!
Let me know! :)


what do you mean

Please send your I'd or email to contact

Are we able to sell a printed version of your 3D file?

no problem for the print version .please sell it ...good luck

I love your work! Could you please do a skateboard shape with graffiti writing across it in the same style as your surfboard? Maybe saying Skate.
Thankyou R
Kindest Regards kim

is there an example link?

Maybe like this black one? in this shape but with skate written across the board

what did kim say?,, please write in quotes "graffiti"


Graffiti is the style of writing

link please
"font"you like

Thankyou maybe something like this please

oke.can i work tomorrow kim?..i'm sleepy..please :)

Thankyou have a great sleep

okay see you in 10 hours..i have understood your wish..thanks for the trust

I've made your kim project, if you don't like it, don't download it, we will make a new project according to your direction, according to what you like...i'm really fresh now

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I love it!!!!!!! Thankyou it's perfect ❤️

okay if there is a project or other problem, don't hesitate to come to me

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Hi do you have an email address or something I can get into contact with you please? I'd love some more designs made please


Hi. Love your designs and I can't stop buying them 🤣 are you planning on doing any unique Halloween designs? Thanks.


I'll try

Yes pumpkin, skull, ghost anything halloween related. And just a suggestion with the sizes you add on your description it will be helpful if you put the sizes of the finished product rather the whole cutter size. Just helpful on choosing the right size before printing. Thank you.

I will try it . be patient... let's look at the others first to see if there's something you like (I'm also a true seller. Not only you :))

No rush..i got most of your design already. I am getting some more today. What do you mean by true seller?

I'm joking, but you're not laughing
:) :) :) :)

Lol. Sorry I didn't get it. 🤣

for finished size. I need extra time. so it's not possible for now, that's why I made several sizes so there's a choice. maybe another time for the finished size

Hi there, I just want to say you have some AMAZING designs!!! Keep up the good work! Julie - ISLAND HOME LIVING

JULIE - ISLAND HOME LIVING .thank you very much

I am unable to see the cut file. All I see after downloading the stl file is a solid beige image without the actual 3d file. Can you please tell me what I might be doing wrong or if there is something missing in the file itself. Thank you.

which file, may i have the link? this is my first case like that.. is there an error in downloading, it's worth trying to download again.. 3 items you bought after I checked there are no problems..always in touch yes , I want to know how you are. Thank you

oh maybe this is the stl file that I uploaded, wrapped in cult3d into a "zip".. try right clicking the file. then you select the word "extra here" click to open the package.

This is the link -
I am still having trouble with it. Can you please help? I tried again and it just shows the background beige in solid layer. Thanks.

I checked it, I downloaded it a second time. I extracted it and then I opened it in Cura. One by one from
5 sizes. No problem at all...

I will always, waiting for your news. Make sure everything goes well

hi, I love your designs can you please do some cat cutters? thankyou

thank you, I happen to be finishing the cat's head, which is pending, I'm trying to make a lot of cats

Great timing ☺️ thankyou I'll look forward to them ❤️

while waiting. check out my other designs, who knows some you might like (true seller :))

Hehe I have most of them already 😜

Hi there I have downloaded one of your files I want to get more but I am wondering are they all the same profile like the cutting edge and how close are the embossing distance to the cutting edge as I need to be like exactly the same as what I have just purchased. Let me know. Thanks.

here's the link of the one I have just purchase.

for designs from May 4 to today the distance is the same .1.8mm.. for designs before May 4, there are 1.8, some are not. Some have updated, some haven't.

if before the 4th of may something is not the same as after the 4th of may. it needs to be equal. let me know, i will try to fix it. as long as you give me time.thank you

let me know as soon as you updated them and will purchase it. thanks a lot.

I will fix it with the same size as the one you bought before. give it 24 hours

thanks a lot. let me know when it's updated.

Thank you. Will purchase it later. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for all.

no problem :)

Your cutter has errors and is incomplete., it did not slice or print well.

updete >>>> I have fixed it. I have tried to print it. The result is good..enjooy

have you got the update report?..if there is still a problem please let me know..oh yes if it's ok please fix the star.thank you

how was the result there. let me know

i bought a couple of polymer cutters from you, but i wonder what the flat cutting edges at the top of the cutters are for. they have to be at least 3mm, but with your cutters they are only about 1.5mm and therefore completely unusable for me.
Do you have them with other edges?
Kind regards

what should I fix? there is my new file .upload. is that what you want? if yes i will fix everything <<<<new

please compare first

Thank you very much. So this is perfect.

ok wait within 24 hours for everything you buy...

i do it first

Thank you.

Is the toughness of the cutter blade 0.4mm?

0.4 . mostly

especially small size.

for large sizes need adjustment..if made 04.sometimes there will be problems when printed..but not all

Hi this is my first time 3d printing and I just bought one of your files. Can you explain to Im supposed to download it on usb to printer?

what printer are you using? you need to download the "cura" application to change the stl file to "g-kode"

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in your "cura" setting first .... then change it to a gcode file. move it to "micro sd cart" then to the printer

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Got it. Thanks :)

Hi, is it possible to purchase CDR data files for your polymer clay cutter? Because your polymer clay cutter blade is not clean at 0.8mm, we need to replace the blade at 0.4mm edge.

I sketch directly from 3d software
not from svg from corel draw

Hi, I really like your design style, can I buy your graphic design sketches?

I do not understand what you mean

ooo. there are a lot of sketches that I didn't save. because too much file. I sometimes delete a lot of stl files too. what kind of files do you need right?

I think it's enough to save my file here. My computer is full of files..

look at photo 4...what do you mean?..if that means many are not saved

Hi there, I have to echo another person below and say that a more shallow imprint (1.8) is much more convenient for a jewelry maker, and now that I know that the outer lines do not cut cleanly at .8mm I woud not want to buy it as it would not create prints of quality. a .4mm edge is ideal. Otherwise you have to spend SO much time re-cutting clay with a craft knife because the cutter has a poor cutting edge. I would buy so many more if your designs were made more ideally for clay artists!

Thank you for your input. For the trail, I think it depends on taste. 3 days ago, I got a request from a deep trace consumer. But for the 0.4 line I agree, sometimes it's still not consistent with the size. especially in big size

it's good. try one or two purchases first...don't buy too many first


I really love your designs and i have purchased these 2: and
I have just printed out the last one and I was wondering if you can make an adjustment?

The inner imprint is now about 2/2,5 mm deep from the outer line, and i was wondering if you could make that like 1,5/1,8mm?
And if possible a thinner line (outer and inner). The lines are both about 0.8 mm thick. Could you make that 0.4mm?

Maybe you could do that for the other one too?

Thank you very much in advance!

basically you want it to be thinner, I have to start from scratch again, I don't save sketches, I'm trying to fix your 2 requests and a new design ... the other design seems impossible. thanks for the input

If it is too much work, you don't have to do it! Please don't feel obligated!

I understand, people's desires are different. I try for your two orders. So far there have only been 2 people with different desires. you are second. if the first 2 months ago. if every day there is something like this, I close the account. hahaha.. be patient, I will try.:)

if you feel the trace is too low, try sanding the printer results slowly so that the results are deep. but i still try to grant wish within 48 hours

Okay thank you very much! If I have to meet you financially for your time, I will gladly do that!

i just resized
please download the file again
try first the size of the scratch is already there and can still change the size

Okay thank you, I am going to print it tonight or tomorrow! I will let you know!

which one should be fixed?
like this how?

I've kept my promise 48 hours :)...thank you. Thanks for the input. If there are still things to fix. Contact me

Thank you! i will print them out and let you know! I have been sick for a few days, so that is why i am reacting late. Sorry!

hello are you willing to sell a pack of your cutters at a nicer price?

it's already so cheap. I got a bit with 20% deduction of the cults.

how 20% its a lot i will buy any way thanks

sorry, for now it can't. maybe another time. thank you

Hi I love your designs would you mind if i put some of the printed versions in my etsy store? i will credit you as the designer

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I don't mind, it's printed, and the price is above the price of the stl file, what's your shop on etsy.good luck