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Hi, look if you ever feel like printing off another well.......I've modified some of the parts. No more sticking together the fuel lines with super glue, no more getting the soldering iron out, docking coller is now seperated with some detail eg retro rockets, engines and wing fixments are now one, bottome base has longer hole for those just to fit in and lower . If your interested i'll need your email to send stl's but be warned THEY ARE ALL LENGTHY PRINTS

Kind Regards

Thank you Chodgins a real help something I think which should have been part of the kit, also the engine wings in two halfs that are slightly different widths. how many mm down from the join Mid tube did you do the slots to fit the fuel struts in ?
Thank you once again for the tubes most grateful

Hiya, I wonder if I could ask you if I could possibly ask if you'd be kind enough to send me your stl's of the Thunderbird 3 Mid tube for the pipes and the wing fins that attach the engine to body please, Im a bit dissapointed that they havent been rectified on the model now Ive printed it off

Thank you for downloading my TeeFrame design. Any doubt you have, please let me know. I would love to see your TeeFrames, don't forget to share your makes. ;)

Hi Craig,
Sure! please go ahead!
Please let me know the ETSY link so that I can share it with my friends!
Thank you so much for your support!