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Like others I was looking for the mkii stock and will add my voice to the question are you still selling the files?

Is the savage mk2 file still available?

Like every one else, I'm looking for the apache for the mkii. I do need the ender 3 compatible one.

Are you still selling savage mkii stl?

Hi is there an alternative site to get your apache files at?

Hey good day, would it be possible to kindly get your mark 2 chassis files? Please and thanks.

Hey sorry to bother you like everyone else how do I get the savage mk2 chassis?

How else can I go about buying the savage mk 2 chassis since they were removed?

Where else can I buy the savage mk 2 3D printed chassis build from you?

Bonjour il y a pas le stl du fut de canon ou le trépied doit venir se fixer pourquoi? .

very cool i have a few old savages and lakefields i got from my grandpa when i was a kid. got one of the old 250 savages as well

I downloaded the MKII stock. Can you tell me what orientation you recommend to print it?

What software did you use to design the Savage chassis?
Any chance of getting the original models? I want to machine one out of aluminum and an STL is not the correct format to make that easy.

Im having issues with the file. when i place it on my build plate it wont allow print regardless of orientation

Love the savage mk2 chassis design. Any chance you would consider uploading the objects as separate .STL files rather than a single mass .STL? Thanks!

Will it fit Savage Mark II FV-SR?

Any chance you would sell a step file of your design? I have an older savage mkii with the longer barrel and I would love to adapt your design to fit.