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Hi I Purchased the grim guard infantry set earlier this month and recently received a notification that there was an update to the file, how do I go about getting the updated file, do I just redownload it from my "downloads" tap on my profile? Thank you.

I found your damaged marine files, are there more like that? Possibly also some backpacks? Would be amazing! :)

Hi guys, I'm looking for your old scavanger runner models, is there any chance to get them? I'm looking for them for weeks now :(

I have purchased your files for : Grim Guard- Battle Tank, but can not see what parts make a basic body of the tank in the three designs you show. Can you tell me which parts I need to print to make these in your supported file.

hi, i'm a patreon and i need to download some old files. The 20% discount are valid here?

Hello! no only on MMF store

HI! I downloaded your Krieg Guardsmen and tried to load it into Chitubox but didn't have any success. how do i change the file to make it work in Chitubox.
( Also do you have and advice on how to print this to get the best results on a resin printer or do you have a version where its all in one and not in pieces?)

Hi! I'm trying to find your Scavenger Leader model, but can only find printed or illegal STLs on ETSY. Is this still available to buy from one of your stores somewhere?

recently downloaded your scavenger alpha rider model. but i found a issue with the files.
these 2 files are duplicates but with different names. they are both lep part 2 models. and niether the presupported or unsupported files have the proper hip piece dino R leg part 1
Dino R Leg Part 1.obj
Dino R Leg Part 2.obj

Hello. I really like your content. I was asking if you could make some free models though. thanks

Hi Artiiicus, there would be a possibility to buy from you only the head of your "GRIMGUARD PLAGUE DOCTOR"? I'm trying to make a conversion to my death guard astartes and I think would be great to use the head of that model as helm.

Is there any chance you will do some cybernetic "thralls" closer to the 30K line-trooper/fodder? I would love to see your take on them.

i tried to get a primarch but theres no files in the folders when i try to open them. i think my bank declined the transaction accidentally , but now i can re enter the payment as it tells me i already have it. help please

the model i tried to get was old mcdornald had a farm, it doesnt show it on my list of downloads anymore, very confused

I tried to test download the Prime Leader of the Dragon Knight and all of the files are in the zip folder, please try to redownload again.

Hello, I received the Scavanger Seeker as a gift from another Patreon, but the file I have has some errors in it that I cannot repair. Is there a way I can get an updated file? Mine also does not have a supported version.

Hello which Patreon gave you the scavenger seeker?

I believe it was either Red Pilgrim Miniatures or Fantasy Cult Miniatures. I can't seem to find the original post.

Where is Scavenger Scouts Reborn?

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They are currently down due to a DMCA from Gamesworkshop

Good day. I purchased the Grimguard tank for WH40k. Do I need to alter the scaling of the model or is it already scaled for Warhammer 40k? Please advise and thank you so much for your help, time, and assistance.

Hello everything scaled accordingly to our models, if you wish to know further you can join our stationforge discord

Hello, I bought your industrial waste bases 25mm/32mm last night (, and am trying to print the first 12 bases in 25mm. I've loaded in them in lychee and every base after #3 has had errors that require a dedicated modelling software to correct. Is this a known issue, and if so what is your recommended solution? Thanks.

hey, i bought "ARMORED KNIGHT HEADS" but the helmets are not complete, there is open mesh all over and the prints fail. can you fix it?

Hey, where are the arms of the Scavenger Leader? I bought it and the files only have 1 body and 2 heads?

In the zip file

Hey I think theres an issue with the artillery. Otherwise I need help with final assembly. The base and the tails and cogs dont seem to fit together, it seems like there should be holes at the end of the base where the tails go but theres bumps instead that mean I cant fit the tails in without cutting the shaft off them.

Good day, sir. I need you help.
with the Scavenger Scouts : backpack #3 &4 has holes and Lychee cant repair them.
Scavenger Scouts don't have any leg files or heads. only torsos, arm/weapons and backpacks. also separate file for heavy/special weapons.

Scavenger Seeker main body has holes and Lychee cant fix it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

wait, i found the heads and legs. My apologies.

but the models with unrepairable holes still stands

Hey Artiiicus, Love the models however I wonder if you'd be able to fix the foot of the crouching model in the GrimGuard Trench Runners set. The foot in the 3D model and printed version looks pretty rubbery and out of place. Thanks!

Hello, I bought your stl for the scavenger leader but it only came with the body and head. Looks like a good stl but can I get the updated file with everything else?

Hello when you download the file there is also a .rar file containing everything else :)