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Bonjour pensez-vous qu'un simple petit élastique pourrait remplacer le ressort pout le modèle de support de téléphone ?

can I please print and sell these on Etsy

Hi! I made it like the specs but it does not press in the end, any trick?

Is the spring on MECHANICAL QUICK GRAB/RELEASE PHONE STAND completely neccessary?

this incredible mold to create the sketch, I'm just starting to develop for IOS, CONGRATULATIONS.
from Chile

Hi, I am Luis from Santiago de Chile and I am about to start a 3d bussines. For that I need a product`s store that I can sell (I have some design by me but not enough), aaand I was wondering if you can "borrow" me some of ur designs for using in my store. I promess you to pay some of the money i hope to earn. Also if u have instagram or facebook i can tag you when I say that de design is yours. hoping for ur answer. Regards, Luis

Hi. I printed this design for the mechanical phone stand. Printed with the Ziro carbon fiber you recommended. Problem I’m having is with fragility. The top of stand; the three tabs broke off with minimal effort when just attaching stand link. The tabs on the link connecting to base plate broke off when attaching to link. And the tab to connect the spring broke off when attaching the spring.

Advise, ideas?

Hello, your popsocket phone grip looks amazing. Wanna try to make myself and for my friends with different stickers on it. Can you tell me what model of 3d printer you use? Thank you for your answer.

Just uploaded a few more pics, one or two of which include the spring needed to make the design functional.

Geared phone holder, the original link to springs on Amazon is out of stock. Is the spring in question a 5mm OD x 10mm long, 0.3mm wire size, extension spring? I looked through all the pictures trying to find a visual of the spring showing it's size and how it is installed but no luck. Super cool design! is my address.