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Hola yo compré tu modelo hace unas semanas. Quisiera saber cuánto te tarda y que diámetro de boquilla

Cómo andas Alex. No puedo comprarlo ingreso la tarjeta de débito y no me deja. Te puedo pagar por algún otro lugar?

purchased the spongebob download and the folder was empty. Please help.

I would like to make a lithophane like your Captain America Balloon. Did you use Luban and if so how did you make the base? Thanks for any info you can give me.

sorry for may english
it 's will be abble to do 2 litho ball
the first with harry potter and the second with a a T Rex and a triceratops
thanks a lot

I was wondering if you could create a model for me? I will see if I can find a picture and send it if you can let me know where to send.

Hi there,

I recently purchased your Rick and Morty globe and upon importing it into my Slicer I noticed there are a few areas in a few of the layers that seem to want to print exterior perimeters in thin air or otherwise detached from the main body of the model. This happens in PrusaSlicer as well as in Cura. Any help here would be appreciated so I can move forward with the print. I have tried re-downloading the model and experienced the same results as before.

Hi, sure!

hi, i just bought the litho.
did you create it?

hi again, I have re-uploaded the files. All files are now .stl . you don't need anymore winrar or 7zip to unpack them. Try to download again and tell me if it's ok

Also i can send you unarchived stl files

Hi and thank you for you purchase! The files are archived with rar. First you need to unzip them with winrar or 7 zip and after that you have the stl files ready for print

Hi, I have purchased your tom and jerry Christmas globe but the file that is in the download will not open in Cura. Can you either provide me with a .stl format or let me know what slicing tool I can use on the file type that you have attached?
Thank you