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Hello! I am interested in 3D modeling/printing flat based solids for calculus. I would like to use the parabola x = (y^2)/9, or something similar, to determine the cross section. I really liked your models, but I wanted the full parabola shape. I want to use the cross section as the diameter of semi-circles, the leg of an isosceles-right triangle, and the base of a rectangle (with a height 2x the base). Do you have any tips for how I could model these? Thanks for any help you can offer!

I used Wolfram Mathematica to make my cross-section models using parametric equations. If you want flat regions, you could try using a CAD program and then stack them together. The code I used was something I had written many years ago and it was fun to adapt it for actually bringing such models to life.

quick question on your egg in vase mode. what is the best way to use 7 top layers, when I try to add in bambu and prusa slicers they throw an error since its vase mode.

Hello. Thanks for trying the eggs. With Simplify3D I am able to include a setting for top layers even in vase mode. I'm not familiar with Bambu Slicer, however, maybe in PrusaSlicer you can set a modifier for the top part of the egg. Or maybe you can set it to have 1 perimeter and 0% infill for most of the egg and then change the settings at the top.

Re: PRINCESS VASE DUAL. I loaded in Cura for Lulzbot Taz Pro. I cannot get the two models to overlap. There must be a setting I am not familiar with. Did you have this problem?

Hello! Thank you for your purchase of the Princess Vase. I am not familiar with Cura. In Simplify3D there is an option to "Align Selected Model Origins" and in PrusaSlicer once one of the models is imported, right-click >> Add part >> Load... and they should align together. Likely Cura has an option or a loading order that will achieve the desired result.

Hello. I have just made a Cryptex with Yazhgars design. Is there a way to make code rings with different symbols? I hope to make rings with nordic runes.

That sounds interesting! I didn't design the rings. What I posted is a "remix" of elements from the original design. You would need to use some modeling software to make your own rings or possibly edit the STL files provided.

Hi i would really like to get permision to sell the heart pencil topper and keyring

Hello! I'm happy that you like the designs. At this time my kids and I are not planning to offer a commercial license for this design.


Hello there Abbymath, I’m really enjoying your designs here! I’m very interested in 3D printing, what model of printer do you use? I was thinking about buying the Saturn 2 resin printer. Are all files Universal and work on any printer or are they printer specific? I’d like to purchase your pumpkin designs as they look to be a lot of fun and something I can start with. If I mess something up, are the files able to be printed more than once?
Thanks for your help and time!

Hello! It sounds like you are new to 3D printing. It is a fun adventure and there are endless possibilities. I print with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) styles of printers that use plastic filament. Resin printing is an entirely different process that I do not have any experience with. All of my designs were created with FDM in mind. I'm sure many of them would work with resin, but I don't know enough about the quirks of that process to know what may or may not work well.

Before purchasing a 3D printer, be sure to do some research, especially to determine which type (FDM or resin) suits your needs and interests. There is a good 3D printing community on Twitter too that can offer advice. If you are on Twitter, find me @abbymath.

One of the wonderful things about 3D printing is that models may be printed as many times as you like and have the material for. Some of my designs are free an others are paid. All are posted for personal use, not for selling or commercial use.

A lot of my designs are multi-color which works well with FDM printing. I don't think you can do multiple colors with resin, unless you plan to paint models after the printing and curing process.

I'm not sure which pumpkins you are referring to since I have a few variations. The "Flat Jacks" are easy flat prints that could be good to start with. The "Jack-O-Lanterns" do require supports, so there is an extra element there.

Good luck with your endeavor. I'm happy to hear that you like my designs!

Hello! Thank you for your purchase of my Ellipses Vase. It is designed to be printed with two extruders or a multi-material upgrade (MMU) or a similar device like a Mosaic Palette. The models need to be aligned within the slicer and colors assigned to each model. I used Simplify3D and a dual-extruder setup to print mine.

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Ahhh ok thank you, I didn't realize that. Maybe one day I'll have an MMU for my Prusa.

Cults does have a process for refunds ( I haven't tried it before, but if you would like a refund, please let me know and I will follow the steps for processing. For single-extrusion printing, you may be interested in my "Princess Vase" set ( or my "Flare Vase" ( My entire collection of vases and cups is here: I hope this helps!

When printing your Jack O'Lantern I am getting really sloppy prints, are the supports in the file? My print holds the general shape but the external layers are sloppy and some areas start to look like spaghetti do you have any recommendations on how I could fix this issue?

Hello! Supports are needed to print this, as noted in the Printing Settings. They are not included with the model, so you will need to add them with your slicer settings. The last photo on the page shows what it looks like after printing with the supports. Mostly what you see in the photo are supports for the mouth, but supports are also needed for the bottom. Mine printed with supports for the bottom up to a height of about 4 mm. I hope it works out for you!

I wish I found your creations before. I live in a Senior Apt building and I make decorations with my 3d printer for our community room and bullentin board. I love the choices you have with the FREE hanger that will work well in our Community Room. THANK YOU for the work you did for this.

Thank you! I'm glad that you like my designs. I still have plans to make more signs... just need more time!

Darf ich die Produkte die ich bei ihnen kaufe bitte verkaufen Natürlich nur die gedruckten Sachen nicht die Datei

Hello. My models are posted for personal and private use (non-commercial, not for sale). This applies to the model files and any prints. I'm curious to know which designs you are interested in, however. Thank you so much for asking.

Dann hatt sich das erledigt dann werde ich gar nicht genauer schauen und sie fallen leider für mich als Verkäuferin weg

Hi, I would like to know if i buy this file, can I sell the 3D Model.

Hello. My models are posted for personal and private use (non-commercial, not for sale). I'm curious to know which model you are interested in, however. Thank you so much for asking.

ok thanks

hello the cube is perfect but my interest is in the turntable
made by you
I need a turntable and I like that one
Thank you

Hello, TAZMAHV. The turntable is very nice, however I cannot take credit for that. I purchased it online through Amazon. I included a link here: Turntable. Thanks for checking out my designs.

Hola cuando descargo los dos modelos son iguales. No existe versión uno y dos
Me interesa la versión que tiene una sola pared, pero solo hay 2 modelos los dos con doble pared. Gracias

Hello, OTTOFRANZOIS95. Which models are you referring to? If the Cup of Cubes, you need to tell the slicer to merge outlines into a single model and then use 0% infill to get a single-wall version. The two versions are related to a small variation in the model design. Please see the model description. Thank you for your interest in my design!

Your set of quadric surfaces and cylinders looks amazing. I would love to have a set of my own, but I have no experience with 3D printing. Thus, I am wondering whether you might be interested in making a set for purchase. Your info says you are located in San Diego, so I could even pick it up in person. Just let me know how much it would take for you to do it. Thanks!

Hi-ABBYMATH-I saw your post on the marble run that you created and (I know this a longshot) wondered if you would be interested in designing another one that I have been searching for. When I was a kid, (1970s) we had an awesome, simple marble race game that I have been trying to find to use with the kids that I work with (I'm a speech-language teacher at an elementary school). It was called the Dart Marble Race. Here's a video of it I've just not been able to find anything similar to it that's made these days. Let me know if that is a challenge you'd be interested in!