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Any possibility to presupport your 200MM models for resin printers? I have the gnome wizard and guardin' gnomes packs.

I just use Autosupport in Chitubox. Use heavy supportsabout 60 % density

Would you consider making 1 or more gnomes in football gear for use as a BloodBowl team?

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I remember making those custom for a customer who was using them to playtest a game… I will see if I can find that version and add it

Can I look for it on your Patreon?

I added the version with the base 👍

Good day, sir! I saw in your shop on Etsy different scales of this miniature: 32mm, 54mm, 75mm and even 100mm. But here only 28 and 200! Could you please upload the rest or at least the ones with bases like in the picture (pre-supported version for resin printers)? Just creating a rune knight and this one looks so perfect for my idea.

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You just set the scale in the slicer. The 28mm version has a base. To get the 32mm size, scale 125%. To get the 54mm size, scale to 175%. The 200mm version doesn’t have a base. To make it 75mm or 100mm, set the height in the slicer to the desired size. 👍

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Oh, thank you kindly, sir! I'm new to this and don't know much yet. But I appreciate you sharing your experience. Much obliged!

I've made all of my old designs Public, and added a whole bunch of NEW stuff! And I reduced the price for most minis to just $2--You can afford to grab them ALL!!!

Please, please, please may I have the smoking caterpillar download for 3d printing. Catherine

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It is available 😎

Hi there do you still have the gonks available at all

Yes, the gonks and all the gnomes are available 😎

Hello, I was cruising Yeggi and saw your Veermok model but I can not find it on any site. Could you help me acquire this model?

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Available now 😎

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Greetings, I have purchased some of your STL files, and so far most of them have been amazing for my needs. Among the only issues I'm encountering is one of the dias tiles seems to not want to cooperate. Namely SQ_2-way_Dias_B (the square corner stairs), that doesn't seem to want to even slice with Ultimaker Cura, the program I use.

The second issue is about the doors. They printed fine, but I don't know how to put them into the archways. Am I supposed to print them smaller, or is there some other method to getting them to work?

I will take a look at that file—be sure you are loading the .STL and not the preview.jpg (that sometimes happens to me 😅)
Here is a quick video that shows how the doors assemble in the doorway:

Could we get some pre-supported files for the Gonk gnomes by chance? They are cool, but I have not been able to get a single successful print.

I haven’t had any trouble just using light supports (auto), with the gonks tilted back about 10°

This is a fantastic design, and I love everything about it but I have to ask, is there a version of the rabbit without a rider? I can't help but imagine all sorts of awesome adventures a wild herd of these big bunnies could fit into!

I have a version without the rider—should I add it to this product? Or separate?

either or would be great, I genuinely think that might be the best rabbit based mini i've ever seen! Would look great as a Jackalope or Almiraj variant too!

I updated the rabbit rider to include the Sabertooth rabbit by itself 👍

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can this be printed on a ender 3 pro v2? im having a hard time figuring out the support settings

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i cant see which model...if a mini, you will need a really dialed in printer.If a guardin'gnome or terrain, then absolutely! I have some tutorials on my blog:

Yes it is the Gnomes. i will look over your site see if i can get them to work. thank you. they look amazing

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Do you do custom designs? I do not have the skills to create but I have an idea for a set of gnomes and am looking for someone to design and create models of them.

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Yes, I would be happy to produce something custom for you. You can see more of my work at

I haven had anyone else note a problem? I wonder if you had a bad download? Send me an email directly, and I will give you a Dropbox link for the files

cura isn't recognizing any of the files that are labelled as stl's and I'm not sure what to do. Are you able to send me the guardin' gnomes through private message? I really want to add them to my collection.

Did that work for you? I have mistakenly tried to open the preview.jpg into Cura—so I wondered if that is what happened

Thanks for your response. I disagree that the Blooms are practical to print on FDM, that doesn't mean they are impossible but they are certainly not practical for regular handling as a game piece, they will break constantly (assuming I can even clean up from all the supports needed without breaking them). You haven't addressed that none of it is appropriately sized, the blooms are gigantic and are supposed to represent these tiny flowers growing out of a skull... none of the bases are the right size, the salt statue (also gigantic btw) are not even on the appropriate 2x1 base for use in the game. The fairy circle is a mess to try and resize, and no one can tell me that the outer pieces of that particular model are going to be even remotely detailed on an FDM printer. I have to take it down to 0.05mm layers just to see detail at all, and even that is negligible.

It is printable on FDM, but miniatures on FDM cannot reproduce the same details as on resin at the same scale. The “blooms” are pretty delicate models, but they are printable (and I believe I have photos of them printed out)...
I can’t give refunds, because the results of 3dprinting depend so much on the user, the printer, calibration, etc...


Hi Zandoria, late last year I purchase a copy of your KDM terrain and after many attempts I have found it impractical for FDM printing and not sized appropriately for the game itself. I appreciate you note it is primarily for SLA printing to get the best detail, but you did indicate it was possible to print this on an FDM printer and for some of the pieces I have not found this to be the case (eg the blooms). I approached Cults3D to request a refund, and they asked me to contact you in the first instance. I would appreciate it if you could contact Cults to approve the refund.

I have those other designs on my Patreon, but as soon as I finish painting them they will be on Cults3D also! Thank you for your interest I will get them up in the next couple of weeks—thanks!

I am talking about the Guardin’ Gmones.

I saw somewhere else that there 3 other models in this set... a wizard, a priestess and a snail. Do you have those stl files for sale also?

All of those designs are now on Cults3D 👍

I think I have a solid version too, though it should print fine on FDM with this version as well... I will upload the solid version and add it to this product 👍


i have bought your caterpillar design , is there any way you could help me out i didn't know it was hollow i was hoping it was solid and the file size way to big for the program i use and it wont load is there anything you could ? thank you for your time

Send me an email at, and I will help you with a Dropbox link

Thank you. I'll try that.