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this did not work where the filament (1.75) goes in should be slightly bigger


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Pouvez vous me répondre svp


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Bonjour. Je l es imprimé dommage qu il ne tienne pas ensemble les 2 partie. Est ce qu avec les roulements il va mieux tenir .

On your Tagaderm Flat box, I wanted to say thank you for this, cause once the box is opened it doesnt always close right then they fly everywhere, as the bottom of the box opens and you need to get only 1. Also nice to see you are using the real name instead of 'transparent dressing' eye roll I appreciate this thank you for making it. Cause this is also the exact size i need as they go over a medical patch I use every 3 days, thank you so much.

Hi there. I was just wondering if I have permission from you to sell your fidget cube design on etsy. If not, please let me know :)

Salut ! Tes objets sont super, beaux et utiles !!!

Fabulous stuffs here !

Thank you :)