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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Quiero anular la descarga que e pagado

I do not know how to make friends, in this site they only sell files, after you can print it, the file is always yours

Como me va llegar mi pedido si no e puesto dirección

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You bought the 3d file, now you have to find someone to print it, you just bought the file to get it printed, on this site you don't get anything at home, they only sell friend files

Good day,

I purchased your Moto Gp stand but I have a problem. The stand breaks off easily. Could you design it to to break off so easily. It is urgent please.

hello friend, I have already thought of a more robust base, tonight I have to publish it on my profile. Sorry for the inconvenience mate

As soon as you publish i am buying. As soon as you can please 🙏 🙂

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Just an idea from my side, make the frame push into the base.

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hello friend I have not well understood what you want me to modify, however I send you my telegram contact, let’s hear them, so you tell me well what you want me to modify @naturaldurante

I just want you to make the base more rigid so that it does not break so easy.

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Where the base connects to the frame, it breaks off easily

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If you contact me on telegram, I can send you photos of what I’m going to edit, so you tell me in real time if it’s okay

I am trying to send you a message on telegram but it doesnt work. Do you have an email address so that i can show you on photos.

send me your telegram, I use it a lot with customers

@PierreDiedericks on telegram

bom dia, estão a faltar peças no arquidos Stl
peça que está em azul claro não está nos arquivos stl
espero por uma resposta

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hello friend, I'm sorry if I forgot some piece in my files, could you tell me which file you are referring to? thanks and sorry again

No arquivo do logotipo OKC está faltando um pedaço do logotipo que está com uma cor azul claro e dentro do logotipo na bola a peça do lado direito laranja

vou lhe enviar foto para o seu intagram para ser mais fácil

contact me on telegram @naturaldurante please

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bonjour je vien de acheter votre fichier pour la lampe harry poter j aurai une question sur abat jour faut t il l imprimer avec du fils noir ou en blanc et peindre apres en noir svp

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Hello, many of whom have bought it, they printed it in black pla, but they were only interested in decoration, I think if you want it as a lamp, then I think it would be better to print it white, or transparent pla, then paint the walls, leaving the writing hp transparent, so when you turn on the bulb, the writing lights up throughout the room. Let me know when you print it.

I love your work! Thank you! I purchased Katie and love how it can stand upright independently on a table. Wondering if you could do the same with the Maya file? I have already purchased and downloaded. Would this be possible?

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Hi friend, do you want the Mayan name in large that is also kept on a shelf? If yes, give me the size you are interested in and as I have time I do it and publish it. Thank you friend, thank you very much for the compliments.

Hello friend. Sorry if I'm still annoying, but can you tell me which program you use? I can't find your settings where I have to set them in Cura.

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Hi friend, what settings do you need

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, but I had some problems with my printer, so now I have a new one :) As for the settings, to be honest I need all the settings for the program Cura. Maybe you can help me?

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Hi friend, I unfortunately do not use care, I use only simplify 3d, if you want I can pass you the settings of simplify, maybe with a little patience, enter them in care

Thank you, that would be very nice. Maybe I can gradually enter it in Cura.

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hello friend, at the moment I am out of the house, however the parameters you can find them in the images of my projects, you find them some screens of simplify. see you soon, for anything contact me

Hi Luigi, I purchase the following "pressure-gauge-holder-audi-a4-b6-b7" off you but its for a LHD would you have this for RHD ?

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Hi friend, my car has left-hand drive, it's a European car, it doesn't have right-hand drive.

The same vent is on RHD cars to but the bottom vent is switch, would u be available to do this ?

Hello Luigi. I bought the Harry Potter lamp file. In the print settings you write "Unterstützung ja Bilder ansehen". What does that mean and where do I enter it in the slicer? Sorry, I've only arrived in the 3D printing world for 10 days and I'm not that firm yet. I would appreciate an answer very much. I find your work very good and am amazed by every project. thumbs up

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Hello friend, I will certainly be wrong to write, however it means to look at the images to see where I put and how I put the supports, thanks for the compliments, I am very pleased, for anything contact me as well. Good press friend.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Do you mean the support structure?

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Yes, look closely at the photos, there are all the data to be entered for printing the piece.

Sorry I didn't see that. Unfortunately, the English names do not match the German ones. I will take the risk. No risk, no fun :) Hopefully it works. Thank you and again sorry I didn't see the instructions in the pictures.

You do wonderful work my friend. Would you be able to do a Milwaukee Brewers and a Green Bay Packers logo on a stand like you did the Milwaukee bucks? I just purchased the Bucks and would love to do the other two!

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Hello friend, thanks for your compliments, I'm really happy, anyway send me on telegram the logos that interest you, so I take a good look. My telegram is @naturaldurante Thank you very much and Happy New Year

Hello i love your designs and would like to know how i can get a commercial license to sell some of the designs in my etsy store

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Hello friend, thank you very much for your compliments, I am extremely pleased, but you want to sell the files to be printed, or do you want to print them and send them, making you pay?

I want buy your files and sell physical 3d prints of them

You have a telegram account?

Yes PrintedFun4All

The light blue side is missing the left half of the bear's nose. Then the model will be complete.

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Hello friend, thank you once again, for the patience you had towards me, I really missed it. Thank you very much, if you like, when you finish printing, send me some photos on my telegram profile, @naturaldurante.

Thank you very much and sorry again for the inconvenience.

Memphis Grizzlies logo is missing the dark side of the bear's face. Please fix.

Hello friend, I just checked from the smartphone, and I apologize, I did not realize that the piece is missing, I made a really bad impression, as soon as I get home, I fix everything and warn you by message. I apologize again my friend.

thank you

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Hi buddy, I uploaded the missing file, however on cults, it tells me that it takes some time for approval, I apologize again. Hello and good press friend

Thank you. I ended up making it from the shell on my bambu lab printer. Painted the inside then stretched it on z axis which allowed me to get a copy of the inner bear head geometry. So Im appreciative it made me learn a new trick!

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Hi friend, thanks to you for alerting me, so I could fix the file for other people. If you need something special and I am able to do it, I can do it with great pleasure. Have a nice day 👍

I ordered your memphis grizzlies logo but the dark blue bear side is not in the file. only the light blue.

Hola, lo compré el otro día y lo imprimí, podrías corregir el archivo? No encaja en el 18-55

Hello friend, it seems strange to me that my project does not coincide with your 18-55, because I sold quite a bit physically, printed by me, I recommend you to take a look at the Y and X axis, most likely do not make the right circular turn. However I will take a look at the project for further confirmation. Thanks for the message.

I just ordered a keychain- #44987832, I didn't see where I could request the name? I would like the name Katie.

Thank you much

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Hello, of course I can create it, as soon as I realize it I give you a message and publish it. Thank you for contacting me and thank you for your purchase.

hello, I realized your name as you requested, hope you like it, good press.

Hi upcred, how are you?
Would you make a stand phone holder, like Inter mas Palmeiras, a Brazilian soccer team? (the crowd is of Italian descent)

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Hello friend, of course I can create one of your team, what smartphone do you have? See you soon greetings

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I have the iphone 12. thank you very much

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As soon as I free myself from my work I create it immediately, thanks to you friend

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This is the team's shield

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Hello friend, I created this, do you like it?

Anyway, it’s a really nice logo, I’m also going to make some key chains these days, and I’m going to put them in the project, so once you buy the file, you can always access it for free, whatever I put in it.

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amazing, very good, I liked it a lot. I'm going to buy it, and I'll buy anything you make from Palmeiras. thank you so much.

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Thanks to you friend ☺️

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Trés bon boulot..
Est-ce que c'est possible de mettre un éclairage led à l'intérieure pour faire lampe?

Halo friend, De quel dessin tu parles ?

Du Chicago Bulls..

Thank you for the fast response! I just printed the new file and it worked perfectly!

Hello, I recently purchased and printed your mini SD card holder design. It appears that the threads are backwards on one of the pieces so they will not thread together.

Ciao, do un occhiata al progetto e aggiorno subito il progetto, ci sarà stato un errore nel caricamento del file. Grazie per avermi avvisato.

Thank you, i will download it again!

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Ciao amico, ho caricato il file corretto, ti chiedo scusa, e per qualsiasi cosa, io sono qui. Ciao amico

Merci pour le suivi

Thanks to you, and congratulations on your drawings, really beautiful.

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