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Good day. I have a Tipmann Bravo one. Do you have any STL file for this model, or do you know where i should look for those.
Keep up the good work.

Wandering through the site I came across your designs (very interesting), and I was intrigued with this one (SEE LINK). How would you use it to make the riffling, or is it not a tool for that?
Well, I hope you have time to answer me.
Thank you very much.
best regards

it should be in the description, it works with a technique called ECM look on odysee of it


Can you do the Tmc magazine??

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I can, but I don't see my self doing that any time soon. making mags cost a lot of time and material en testing times to perfect. and I don't have the time or intrest in that. those would be payed models in the end and sell a lot of them in order to make earn something for all that work.

can you rotate the magwell to the left 90 degrees? basically the paintballs are feeding towards the barrel

Goedemorgen, in zou graag in contact met je komen om eventueel wat designs te maken voor parts: FIrst Strike, Valken. Mvg Patrick Jansen

dear de beer clan can you make a 3d printable lok bolt for the tippmann stormer elite

I get some more request for that platform but no team mates have that marker so. at the moment can I not really make stuff for it. even it I had the time and budget to work on those things

Hi, i dont suppose you have the model for the fixtures these attach to. I have an empire E-Mesh mask and im looking at making a replacement strap for my goggles. You dont happen to have a model for the bit the strap is attached to do you?

no I don't and I'm not sure you should 3d print parts of a mask I would not take to much risks there.

Hello from Greece. How I can find the semi auto trigger kit for fgc6?

on the prusia printers site. I don't use thinivrse and cutls any more to be honest

can u make a mini pc cover I got a beeline gt5 I but its insides are all exposed

do you have the whole body from SAR 12 and not half ?

Hi man I am VERY interested in this project. I like how you said we make FGC9 an they work, why cant be print magfed paintball guns. I would like if we can talk a bit as i would like to do a paintball field where i live. would be cool to have majority of the guns 3d printed.

Hey man, love the work that you're doing with these mag adapters, only thing I could ask is there anyway you could make a tipx to tmc mag adapter, me and my dad have been looking for one for ages!!

thanks @ZMB13620 the download link for the original files should be in the read me file in the upgrade parts. as far as pointers go. read the original manual and used the same print settings they recommend for the original parts. and make use of the Keybase community they know a lot

Hey man, I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm new to at home 3D printing and am starting an FGC-9 project after my buddy did one. I am considering using your files for my project. If all goes well I will definitely pay you to support your page and prints! Do you have any pointers for me? Also, is there a location of a complete set of files for a FGC-9 build?

I have thought about it. but the thing is non of our team haves those markes so I cant base it on anything and test fit it