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hi, can i produce and sell models from 3d printer? Do you allow this?

My father had an injury and is in denial about his old age. It is hard to get him to use his cane and listen to doctors. I think one of your cane toppers might be a great way to get him to lighten up a bit. Help him own his cane, so to speak. Would love to see a cowboy one, specifically one of James Arness. Cheers.

why is it 94.2 mb if i want to give it my own twist i cant do it in tinkercad

Hello! Could you post the source file of the Buddha (without the head). Thank you.

Thanks, but that was a remix from an existing file. I can send you a larger version of the head without the tire stem hole if you want.

I'm a newb here, so I'd love to thank you regarding the Velociraptor Valve Stem Cap, as I was looking for a good Velociraptor head as I'm making a custom statue regarding the character Solon from Power Rangers Dino Fury:

She has a Velociraptor head, a Ceratosaurus horn & T-Rex feet so, I was looking around for the models so I can use those for parts and as I looked at the raptor valve stem cap, I saw it was perfect for what I had in mind.

I can't thank you enough. All of your other models look fantastic and I will be crediting you once my statue of Solon is made. I also got a resin 3D printer for X-Mas so I'm giddy to set it up.

Tout d'abord très beau travail.
Pour un projet perso j'aurai aimé modifier votre gargouille et ensuite l'imprimé en 3d.
Cependant je travail uniquement avec solidworks. Est il possible d’obtenir un format que je puisse utiliser?

Désolé, tout ce que j'ai est le fichier .stl.

Thanks for the Tony Stark Buddha! I was able to make an RDJ head for my ZD Toys Iron Man mk4! Excellent work buddy! 👏

Glad you liked it.

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Hola amigo!, no se que idioma hables, Te queria pedir ayuda. Te cuento, tengo una pagina de impresiones 3D y me pidieon un tapon de valvula para una motocicleta y no puedo conseguir el modelo de la rosca. Te queria preguntar si tu serias tan amable y me pasarias el diseño de solo la rosca de la valvula.

Puedes descargar el archivo que utilizo para restar del modelo para hacer el hilo. Coloco la lima de hilo en el modelo para que parte del extremo redondo quede dentro del modelo.
¿Dónde te encuentras? Yo estoy en los Estados Unidos.

Buena suerte con tu proyecto.

Thank you very much friend!, By the way your valve plugs were a success!
I leave you my instagram in case you are interested in seeing what I do, I started recently.
I'm From Argentina

With your talent for creating Buddhas and your first born marine heads. Do you think that a first born captain Picard head could be made? To lead space marines. His lieutenant could also be number one!!!