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For the rocket league trophy, do you have one that has the name plate blank?

what would the resoluton be like if i scale these down to 10%

downloaded but cant run on bambu x-1

Hello, I purchased and downloaded the files for the Power Rangers Communicator. The two files appear to be the color inserts only. One is only 7mm and the other is scaled to 10000% of normal. I downloaded it twice to make sure. Can you please help? Thank you.

Hi. I purchased the Power Gun Blade and communicator, and the parts are really small. About how much do I resize it to be full scale?



how's it going, do you offer deals to people buying multiple files? I already purchased one, looking to get like three more

Buenas tardes. estoy interesado en comprar el stl del morpher de power ranger.
Si lo compro ¿podria mandarme las plantillas para cortar en vinilo rojo y vinilo negro?

I bought the dragon dagger STL is there any way to cut the dagger blade in half so it fits on my build plate. Anycubic mega s , I was able to print everything but the blade it does not fit on my plate and I'm really new to this so I don't know how to cut the print in half to make it fit any help would be appreciated

did the center part print without support? i have mono and now question if the plate is remotely big enough

hola hace falta soportes para el arma sw los power ranger?

good morning how are you? what do i scale the morpher too? it is extremely small when imported into cura? and the insert is extremely large

hello amazing dragon dagger model. i bought and made it using the files you provided and noticed after completing it, there is a small part missing off your model, its little trigger part that should be on the middle section.

Good morning! I am considering your sword, however when I noticed that the handle was pre-attached, I was concerned about it fitting on my build plate since it will lay flat. I have a Sunlu S8 Pro with 310x310x400 build area.

I was wondering if you can make a file similar to the sons rings but with the letters EV & OL?

hola el archivo de las armas esta dañ me puedes ayudar gracias. al descomprimir da error

Hi, I bought your Dragon Dagger stl file and I found it awesome! I just wanne ask how much clearance have you considered for the key hole? Beacuse they fit in perfectly!
Bye, have a nice day.

Hello! I bought the JOKERS REMOTE SWITCH 1989 BATMAN, but when I try to print it my laminator automatically scales the files in the wrong way.
Can you tell me the exact height of any of the files so I can scale the others?
Thank you very much!

hello, dude, first of all, it's an awesome work, congrats.

in the file, there's only the splitted ones there's any chance you can send me the full files plz?

Is there any help you can give me with printing these. I tried several times and it always fails. They aren't clicking and they break. :-(

now is it a working mask i can put filters in

on your joker gas mask

Hello there....please if you know i want to find the tail of red dragon from mighty morphin zord....can you make it and to tell me how cost is it ..

Hello, AWESOME Looking photos! I just downloaded the files, but keep getting an error when trying to open the .stl files, is it possible to get an email of the files compressed differently? or a wetransfer of them not compressed at all? sorry to bother you!
Please send my paypal email is (just purchased)

Thanks. The folder needs to be unzipped before the .stls can be used

You are correct- and I did unzip them- the .stl files LOOK fine in the preview, but then can not be imported- I receive an error when importing them into sketch up into Vizup (the only two 3D programs that I have), sorry for the hassle, can you please send them to me uncompressed with wetransfer? I'm open to other suggestions as well.

might be an issue with the program you are using then. the stl files work when unzipped and imported into a slicer to 3d print.

Hey there, I bought the power rangers communicator and I can't seem to figure out how to scale this properly. it's showing up super tiny in Cura, and I figured out how to scale the communicator itself, but no idea how to scale the colored pieces to match.. can you assist?

nvm, I got it.

I understand what your saying and not trying to be difficult. I just would like to print these 2 objects LOL. I understand the scaling UP when something is too small. It worked when did to 2540 but scaling DOWN is where hitting the issue. It does not allow me to and no idea what to size that way

Check the scale. sometimes programs will switch from inches to millimeters. try scaling by 2540.

I have never had this issue before. Ordered Vicki mask from you in the past and no problems. If I put the back of the radio into program it is literally microscopic. The button is 8 times the size of my printer. I have never had to adjust any settings when importing an STL