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i bought this and its awesome but can you please make the swords one piece, so they won't brake on my keys . I don't know how i tried in fusion 360 but its a nightmare to use

No problem, I'll upload it in a few days :)

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About how long is the total length of the gunblade?

1087.408 mm

Hello I am interested in selling this print and wanted to ask permission before I made a few... if there's any thing I would need to do before hand please let me know

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by the ellipses.
The fact is that I do not give permission for the commercial sale of the product or the variations that you can make to the original file.
thank you for asking before.

Si encontre el archivo! Gracias!

Genial!!! Feliz impresión!!!!

Hello The middle piece for the handle is missing

Hola! Te refieres a la pieza que se llama "culata"?

Es la pieza de el medio en el handle para el modelo gunblade

la pieza que va en medio de las partes negras del mango?

Si, esa es la pieza que falta

la pieza que va en medio de las partes negras se llama "culata". No te aparece? he verificado que esta en los archivos.

Porfavor, puedes confirmarme que no falta esa pieza? gracias!

hey, i bought from you gunblade but there is keychain is missing

Hello! In the information of the article it is announced that the amulet, or the keychain as you comment, is not included because I bought the file in CGtrader ( squall-amulet). It is very cheap and it is very well modeled, it is worth it.
if you don't want to buy it, there are several free files on thingiverse.
sorry for the inconveniences!!!!

Thank you for download.
If you need help in any other area related to 3D Modeling design and engineering, just contact me it will be my pleasure helping.

Resa Ann

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hey, i bought from you gunblade but there is keychain is missing

Hola disculpa descargue el archivo de harry potter pero no trae el clip para agrgarle las alas a las llaves, podrias agregarlo o enviarmelo por favor, gracias.

Ya esta añadido :) No me había dado cuenta que faltaba ese archivo!! Lo siento mucho!!!!

Me encantaría hacer lo que me pides, pero lamentablemente no me veo capaz. Antes de hacer la gunblade ya estuve mirando como actúan los sistemas de gatillo para ver si podía replicar uno y lo vi extremadamente difícil para mi nivel de diseño.
Pero continuamente estoy aprendiendo, asi que no descarto hacerlo mas adelante. En el caso de que lo consiga no te preocupes que subiré el nuevo diseño y Cults te avisará.
De nuevo te doy las gracias por tu confianza al adquirir mi diseño. Pregúntame cualquier cosa que necesites, y feliz impresión!!!!

I love the gunblade design and am in process of printing it now. Is there any way you could make a design where the trigger, hammer, and revolver all actuate? I would be willing to compensate for the design work if you would let me know how much it would cost.

I think someone is using your work without permission: