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Hey Man recently purchased your Huntress mask file and there is a serious issue with the bottom tips of the eye mask and the top tips of the jaw/chin strap. I have a screenshot of how my app is slicing it but its not right and my print is not good. Can I email it to you?

Alright I'll try that then.
Thank you

Use a thin layer of putty in the place where it is required, for example, at the place where parts are glued together. Putty based on epoxy or polyester resins is the most durable.

Yes I also thought of the putty but I'm afraid that it will crumble or that it will not hold

I recommend using car putty in several layers. You can also use XTC 3D from Smooth-on

I would like to know how to have a smooth appearance when the helmet is in several parts. I glued all the parts, I sanded, applied resin, primer and finally paint. But I still see the separations of the different parts of the helmet.
How do you have a smooth look like it's in one part?
Thanking you

Hello. How much for full license for the Batwoman Mask?