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Un grand merci pour vos créations, notamment les figurines Thousand sons.
Encore bravo, bonne continuation.
Cordialement JFB

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I love the whole Harvesters line. Any chance at a bundle deal when they're all done? Thanks.

Hello! Your models look great - I've been looking forever for the little angry burning dudes. I'm still looking for a couple more files, I'm curious if you happen to have a plague drone of nurgle (the daemon flies), blue horrors, or bloodletters? Particularly the drones are impossible to find

Do you do any commissions? I’m hoping for a deathguard sorcer/ plague caster?

I like your Thousand sons stuff, do you have one file thats all the final versions of all of the All is Dust stuff?

I like your Thousand sons stuff, do you have one file thats all the final versions of all of the All is Dust stuff?

do you happen to have plans to make a venom crawler type model?

Yes. But I will look very different and this will take some time. It's on my schedule for September.

Hey Sumbu, I was wondering if you had unfixed versions of "Parts of a Traitor Legions Marines Builder", I wanted to use a lot of my own custom parts in conjunction with what you have and it would be easier to split the meshes if they are separate shells, are the paid ones like this too? I certainly do want to buy all the stuff but the prospect of editing everything to get my custom parts on is scary. XD

If its not possible its fine, I think I know how to use meshmixer with the sculpt tool to make space for everything.

Everything you have done is fantastic though, I do hope you do more Thousand Sons stuff in the future as thats the army that is my most favourite, more head variety would make my day.

i don't share unmerged versions. I am sorry.


hey just wondering about the all is dust terminators, im looking at the sorcerers body and he doesnt seem to have the cape he has in the photos of the ones you printed off, i cant seem to find the file in the ones i downloaded, are they there is all im asking?

if im wrong im sorry i just wanted to ask.

Maybe it's damaged. Reuploaded the file. Have a look!

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yeah its fixed now, thank you!

Hello, These oblits are awesome but the supports are to hard to take off without breaking some off the smaller parts. Can you please send me the files with no supports?

Lower your curing time when your support are too hard.
There are files without support. Just download them.

these are really good do you have anywhere else we may follow you

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I love your harvester set, i've got them all. Some of my favorite models. If you're going to do any more can you consider some centerpiece leader models.

Hey was wondering if you might ever do the GUO. Your models are amazing and no one has done a proper GUO that is remotely close to GW's. Would 100% commission you to do one if you where interested.

Hey boss do you have presupported versions of any of the really really resilient guys? Particularly the lords and shrouded ones?

Love your chaos stuff any chance of noise marines or even just weapons that would work with your troops?


Noise Marine updates will come after I add some HQs to my upcoming "Hereticus Extremis Squad". Stay tuned an follow me on instagram!

This is a challenging question.... It's all dust?

Would it be possible to get Typhus arm without the swarm of critters?

Maybe. This is an old model. I don't like to touch old things..

Hi, very cool job:
I want to surprise a friend and print this model for him. But in the stl file, due to the export, the quality and detail were quite significantly reduced. Also in some places there were problems with the topology

Could you please share the original file or at least the obj file exported without compression

I apologize for the mistakes, English is not my native language

HI! The all is dust terminators shows as invalid after downloading.

hello, i dont know if you can help me for how to fix my another 3d logo up shoulderpads in Blender software?

dude! your DG designs are amazing. is it hards to learn 3d modeling?

i had one question. my photon is just SLIGHTLY to small to print the whole hauler. do you have one thats broken into maybe 2 pieces? or any advice about how to print it at the right size?

Hello there, was wondering if we could chat about possibly transforming some of your work or doing some 3d modelling for some mod teams I work in? If you're interested, PM me on discord: Dos#4850

Hey there, Absolutely love your work, I was hoping I could make some remixes from it, and I was hoping if you had a version of the rubric builder legs without the tabard?

many thanks.

I love your Disgusting Resilient models. I'm curious to know if you have ever considered a Resilient Daemon Prince or Morty the giant expensive guy?