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dear Straxer,
I downloaded the model of the spider lamp. I have difficulties in printing the legs of the spider. I have a Velleman Vertex k8400. I calibrated again, and tried a lot of possibilities, like raft/brim/support/all/only bed/lower temp 190, but I have a table full of experiments. I use PLA 1.75mm
without brim/raft the leg will curl in the corner, and burns partly by the printhead. The long part of the leg does not stick enough and also curls up, and gets scraped away by the printhead.
When I use the raft, then it sticks allright. But the supporting layer is interwoven with the leg, and I can not get it of without damaging the leg.
What do I do wrong? I am not very experienced user.
Can you help me please?
Kind regards,