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Hello, would it be possible to have the file in modifiable format of the "SPOOL HOLDER", to be able to modify the diameter of the tubes for the plumbing tube diameter 32.

William R

Hi, Stamos. I'm in love with that beautiful Lamp Shade. Do you have another Socket Mount for a E27 Lamp?

Hi, I could make one for E27, but it would be too big for this lampshade. It is easy to find an E14 socket.

Danke für deine Antwort. Ich kann die Fassungen leider nicht tauschen, da ich davon keine Ahnung habe. Die E27 Fassung würde schon passen, die aktuellen Schirme haben den selben Durchmesser. Ich werde mal nach einem anderen Lampenschirm suchen.

Hello. If you need a mudguard stl, just search here and other sites like this. You can find what you need. Be sure that matches your wheel diameter. Please mind that a bad implemented part can cause accident.

I fixed the problem and uploaded the files. You can download them.

I will check it.

Hola, gracias por su archivo versatil portabobinas..., acabo de mirarlo y el alojamiento para la tuerca del tornillo que fija el eje no esta centrado. Mas que nada para que puedas corregirlo. Gracias de nuevo.