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Blast Scimmer is there any crew for this model?

Also nice work keep it up

Hey, i love your work so far.
Will you bring additional Parts for the scourge-cutlass?
I´m searching for the Akurian Upgrade and espacially the DKOK Akurian Upgrade. The filters and stuff like you allready did for the Main Battle Tank.

Hello, in the new Smithy Planet Hydra and Manticore files, I can't seem to locate the Right twinlinked autocannon or the left storm eagle rocket mount. The left autocannon and the right rocket mount are in the files, but they're just missing their mirrored side.

Hello, in both your manticore/hydra and your chimera files, I can't locate the following hatch parts.

Hello. Add missing parts to Echidna design. Hull_front_hatch_p1.stl and Hull_front_hatch_p2.stl

Awesome, thank you and keep up the amazing work!

Do you have any plans to do some of the more obscure Guard vehicles, like the Centaur, Griffon, Salamander or Colossus Bombard? I'd be very interested in that

Hello. Centaur and Bombard in my list.

Excellent, looking forward to that

Dude thank you for providing. I just bought some STLs from you. Nice work. Happy new year! For the Emperor!

Hello. Happy new year too!

Have you thought about doing an Astartes/Primaris crew like you have for the Militarum?

Hello. I can add it in me queue.

I love your Venator kit! -- I don't suppose you have the smaller variation, the Tauros?

You haven't done Astartes aircraft in a while.

Hello. Maybe soon.

Hi, I love your models! I was just curious if your files come pre-supported? I didn't see any mention of it, but I figured I would ask just in case. Cheers!

Hello. None of my files are presupported.

Hello, I purchased Echidna with a few other vehicles as well. My prints keep failing no matter what, and I dont have this issue with other .STLs.
I was wondering if you could help me find a way to support or prep these so that I can use them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! I really like your models! Thank you for this work. Have plane to make repulsors copy by wia bits?

HI there, bought your excellent Dirk Jetbike and was just wondering if you have a version of the main body without the aquilla at the front? I tried to remove it myself but I am a total noob at all this and I cant seem to do it properly. Thanks for your great designs mate!

Hello.I have lost some of the my base files due to a fault on hard drive, so no.

Wanted to say I'm loving your designs. I bought the minotaur, and now just found the baneblade and gorgon. Have you ever though about doing the mastodon? I know I would buy that in a heart beat as well. Again, awesome designs!

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Hello, I've already made one.

Considering you just put it up that post deserves a wink at the end.


Will you be having a Black Friday sale this year?

Hello.I think the cults do not have such an opportunity.

Hallo besteht die Möglichkeit eine Lizenz zum Verkauf der gedruckten Miniaturen zu erhalten ? Als Beteiligung eine Provision ? Liebe Grüße

Any chance of going back and adding cockpits for your previous models?

Hello. Maybe.

Hallo, ich finde ihre Modelle sehr schön und wüste gerne mit welchem Programm sie gearbeitet haben. Vielleicht mach ich ja auch eines Tages so schöne Modelle wie Sie. :-)
Hello, I think your models are very beautiful and I would like to know which program you have worked with. Maybe one day I'll make beautiful models like you. :-)

Hello. I work in Russian CAD Kompas3D.

Hello, do you do commision work? I have many of your files and love your attention to detail. Happy to discuss more privetly

Hello. I don't do commission work.

Hello I'm looking for an impulsor file and my buddy told me to ask you if you have one

Hi. Does the BLAST SCIMMER come with the drivers/crew?

Hello. No it don't.

Hi. Is the top of the Impulse Rhinoceros (where MG, shield, missile pod goes) removeable, or is it one piece?

Hello. It's separate part.

Hello! I have the "Fierce Cutlass" files and purchased the "Backsword Volkite Carronade" file, but the Volkite Carronade is not compatible with the "Main turret" from the Fierce Cutlass file set. Is there a file missing somewhere? Great stuff otherwise, looking forward to printing/posting.

Hello. Try to search in

Nevermind! Found the nested .zip file.

Hi! I wondered if you'd be willing to share just the hover track (or whatever they are) for your Impulsor proxy? I lost a couple of the bits for one of mine, and I just want to print some replacements for them.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Solutionlesn, is it possible to commission a design of a Colossus Bombard?