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Hi, had you ever had a look at the Cluseau pattern rhino?

Does the Watcher cockpit come with the different front armor panels? The render shows it as a blank piece but the community prints show the panel with the aquila.Is it a separate piece?

Hello, I was curious if there was a way I could purchase the Corsia knight body here? I found your Boosty account but it doesn't seem to want to take my money.

Hi. I just bought the 4th planet battletank, but i can't seem to find the green parts as shown in the pictures. Cheers mate.

Found and bought it on your Boosty page. I must say, your files are some of the best i've seen so far. Keep up the great work!

Can someone please let me know if the Corsia_knight_body has a pilot? Think I remember seeing one.

Also, can I get access to the files I bought from Cults on Boosty? I think the only things I haven't bought are the assault troop files, Watcher 2.0, Watchkeeper, Dorn tank, and the Corsia knight with its add-ons.


Thank you, found it.

Hi I was wondering if I could get the main battle tank stl file I bought a while a back. I can show proof of purchase just let me know how.

Hello. Send a screenshot of your purchase confirmation to my email and I will give you a download link.

Ok will do

can only acsess hull las cannons and filter unit.

Hello. Search for Old Empire Draconian armoured in archive.

Cheers. Located it there

Hello! What happened to the Not-So-Big-Tank Constructor file? I purchased it a while ago, then I couldn't find a left or right track stl in the pack, and now its gone.

Solution will probably give you a link once you show proof you bought it.

Hello. Send a screenshot of your purchase confirmation to my email and I will give you a download link.

Is there a way for me to get/buy the Impulse Rhinoceros?

Do you have any plans to make the Vanaheim Pattern Gun Shield or is it already included in one of your kits?

I know you don't take requests, but you might think about the Valkyrie Vendetta Conversion Kit as it was just taken down on Forge World so you are our only hope Obi-wan Kenobi.

Hello. Search Reginleif\

I'm an idiot, I already own it. Thanks.

Any chance that we will see a tincan on a quest anytime soon from you, so you complete your lineup at that point?

Hello. It will, but a little later.

website seems to be down, cannot get the track sections for 4th planet battle tank.

Hello. Try on my Boosty page.

I was wondering didnt you at one time have a centaur carrier model?

Hello. Yes, try on my Boosty page.

im tight on money as of asking you this question but do you also have a corvus Blackstar and a imperial navy Sky Talon Valkyrie variant? if not what would it cost to make it file wise? i know you already have the Vulture gunship and the Old Valkyrie models so im going to save up for those soon.

Hello. About Blackstar i will think, but for Sky Talon search Reginleif\

hey I thought this model was broken up but its all solid i cant print this

Hello. The description on PLANETEN-KAMPFPANZER says it's an upgrade. And that the main model is located at another link - but there's nothing there. How can I get a complete model (I mean with sides, etc.)

Hello. Try on my Boosty page.

I know you don't take requests but you could easily make a Rhino chassis like the Echidna, that you can build different versions of. I think I counted 8.

Hello. I think about it.

I bought the dirk jetbike, do you know of any bodies I can use for the riders?

I can find in mammoth tank the file for turret in your screenshot 431.png

I heard you might have heresy jet bikes? I was re directed by someone who made bodies for those jet bikes that wer mk4 and mk5

Do they come with biker guys or would I have to find those elsewhere?

Does the mastodon file include instructions for building? Or is it same as FW version?

Hello. Basically, you can use the instructions, but some parts are already being preassembled.

Hello! Do you still have the Corsia body available somewhere? It says if was removed here recently. Thank you!


Haha, I'll ask the same thing, but came to the comments first. Thank you !

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