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Hi Snorri

A question about your 3d design for the Hedeby Viking chest: is this scaleable to any size?


Hi! I love your totoro design!

Hi sorry I don't speak spanish, so I had to use google translate. I have to power on the system, maybe you can send a message to cult's customer service ?

hola buenas tardes, queria hacer el pago de un stl y no puedo realizar la transaccion me sale error, o quiza la plataforma esta en matenimiento. me podria responder a mi correo

hola buenas tardes, queria hacer el pago de un stl y no puedo realizar la transaccion me sale error, o quiza la plataforma esta en matenimiento. me podria responder a mi correo

bonjour vaut model tres bien chucky possible de lavoir sen cicatrice svp et la fiencee de chucky que je recherche cordialement genevieve morel merci de votre reponse

OK, merci !

Ok je comprends ta question :) Normalement c'est 1800%

Oui, bien sûr, mais j'ai imprimé les persos à partir du fichier "Autre supports.stl" (dont je ne connais pas le pourcentage d'agrandissement (ou de diminution) et je voudrais imprimer le fichier "branche.OBJ" pour gérer moi-même les supports (au lieu d'utiliser le fichier "Branche_Supports.stl")
Mais je ne sais pas quel pourcentage utiliser pour "branche.OBJ"...

Tous les fichiers sont aux meme proportions, si tu imprime un a 100% les autres sont a 100%, si tu imprimes un a 200% les autres sont a 200% et ainsi de suite

J'ai bien vu que tu avais aussi fourni le STL de la branche, mais :
1) Je ne sais pas si elle est aux bonnes proportions ?
2) Je voulais éventuellement l'imprimer avec un peu moins de supports...

En fait, j'ai imprimé le STL avec les persos, sans trop y réfléchir... Du coup, maintenant, je voudrais imprimer la branche avec les mêmes proportions...

Ca depends vraiment de l'imprimante, la branche est de loin l'objet le plus grand, en le mettant avec un angle par rapport a surface horizontal on peut maximiser sa taille et apres appliquer le meme taux d'agrandissement aux autres parties du modele

Salut, j'ai acheté le Totoro que je trouve superbe ! Je vais l'imprimer pour faire un cadeau.
Peux-tu me dire à quel pourcentage d'agrandissement ou diminution, tu as mis les objets sur les deux STL (les personnages et la brache) ?
Merci d'avance !

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The branch they are sitting on is a little over 13 cm long

Hi, good work on Totoro, i am thinking about buying it but what is the printable size for an Anycubic Photon?

Hi. If you buy the models here the license is non commercial. I sell commercial licences for people who want to sell the models. Give me your email adress and I'll send you a message.

Hello Snorri, we liked your products. You are an amazing designer. We would like to produce and sell some of them. -of course after buying each of them- do you mind if we use your pictures? If you accept we will be so happy my friend. Thanks in advance :) best regards.

I think except if you print it really big it would be better suited for a resin printer, I havent printed it yet, but I can try printing it in the next few days.

Were you able to successfully print the Johnny Walker you designed? Thinking of purchasing it but would like to see a successful print and any recommendations in the profile for FDM. I have not upgraded to resin yet.

hi, you have any historical data of the viking jewerly pack?

Hello, I have 3d printed a model of the guys from Pulp Fiction. Is there any way I can sell the prints. I am also okay with giving you credit and/or a proceed of the profits

Merci pour ce message :)
Je ne sais pas si il y a une recette miracle mais je peux essayer de te dire comment j ai fait.
Deja commencer par publier regulierement des creations en melangeant le gratuit et le payant, essayer de publier des photos sur un max de groupes et forums (fb, reddit et autres reseaux sociaux). Ensuite il faut souvent faire de la 3D, apprendre de nouvelles competences et s entrainer et sortant de sa zone de comfort (j essaye d apprendre la photo realisme et je suis loiiiiiin d y etre). Il faut aussi essayer de faire des choses qui ne sont pas deja disponibles (pas un n ieme baby yoda, pas de copie de figurine dispo a la vente...) et surtout faire qqch qui te plaise a toi avant tout.
Apres faut peut etre aussi un poil de chance ;)

Bonjour ! J'ai vu ton Totoro sur les réseaux il y a quelques jours et j'étais bluffé. Je le retrouve aujourd'hui à la une sur Cults et, de nouveau bluffé, je me dis que c'est amplement mérité. Ceci dit, étant moi aussi créateur mais débutant, j'aimerais te demander : quelles sont tes astuces pour avoir autant de visibilité ?
Merci d'avance et continue, ce que tu fais est excellent ! À bientôt !

yes you can scale it as you wish

Could I get some information on the size of your Baphomet model please? Or can the size be scalled up or down as needed?

hello I would like to ask you if you can help me create a personal obj file of a pendant if I send you pictures, and the cost for 1 personal obj. thank you

hello I would like to ask you if you can help me create a personal obj file of a pendant if I send you pictures, and the cost for 1 personal obj. thank you

pourriez vous faire une version en 24mm au lieu du 14mm du SILENCIEUX FILETÉ AIRSOFT ?
merci d'avance !!!!

Hola buenas me podrías decir si eso dispara o es un accesorio para otra pistola,y si dispara que es lo que necesito de metal? Gracias.

This is very strange, I will look at it as soon as possible when I am back from work, send me your email adress too, it will be easier to communicate.

Hi - I bought the Johnnie Walker figure - it doesn't seem to have a solid base. Is there any way you can do me a version with one as I am struggling to print it. Thanks J Rose

I cant tell you right now as I am not at home near a computer, I will look at it and tell you as soon as possible ;)

Hmmm I dont know, I intended it to be printer on a resin printer, someone has posted a photo and it seems to be made with fdm, maybe you can try askingthis person what he used ?

In regards to your Baphomet file, what supports would you recommend for it? I'm using Cura as my slicer and an FDM printer (Ender 3.)

Yep no problem, just ask, I ll see what I can do :)

Hi from Spain! Some friends and I have been wanting to do a 3D project that has related with Vikings for a few months. Since you like them, could we ask for some advice from you?

We would appreciated if you can contact us at:

Give me the name of the object, there are a few models who could be called like that.

Hi Snorri, my name is Ismael Merchan and I wanted to get with you because I love the design of the rotary hunting gun. But I have doubts at the time of assembly, but I am printing the parts but I would like if you could send me some images of the internal mechanism. By the way I really like airsoft and I go very often, hehehe Greetings and thanks for your art.

Hi, I'm Astur3d, we have spoken on etsy for the payment of a license for the ghostbusters logo. If you tell me a payment method and amount, I will do it as soon as possible. my mail is:

Thank you very much for your compression. Greetings

I was wondering if I could get the Trip to the Moon file a little cheaper. I really want to print for my friend for his birthday (he's having a trip to the moon themed party) but as a starving artist I unfortunately can't afford a $50 file :(


Yes what is your question about it ?

Please send me your email adress, it will be easier to communicate

I bought the file but is not separated, what can we do?

I can remove the on RHINO? I don't need the children at all...

Just the right side & left side without children...

Thanks !!!

If you have some experience with 3d modeling software it should be possible.
Or If you can point out exactly which children you want removed (cross them on the picture) I can try making an alternate version without them for you, I am quite busy for the moment and I wont be able to do it before next week but it's a possibility :)

Hello !

I want to buy the THE CREATION OF ADAM, but I need to remove the Children around the left side... it is possible ?