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Please can you advise of your policy concerning the selling of physical prints/carvings of your designs. Many thanks.


I am interested by your Boar Head Low Poly.
Could you take me what is the maximum size on 3D printer with a bed size 30x30cm in single part ?
Do you have an estimation of the PLA weight to make the model with 5% infill, 5 layers on bottom and top, and two contour thickness (Nozzle 0,4mm)
Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Die Datei ist Fehlerhaft und kann nicht geöffnet werden !
Bitte nochmal überarbeiten und zusenden ! Danke
The file is faulty and can not be opened !
please revise and resend !

Hello. I want to buy your fist model. Is the model flat on the bottom? Also as a black small business, I would love to 3d print the model and donate and sell it if that is okay with you. I will make sure I have the original designer in my posts on my social media platforms.

compre la cabeza de tigre y no me ha llegado

Hi lsumariner,
It is technically possible, but I am a little busy now and will be busy fo several days. And I think you can use services like Shapeways to get the model printed. Or you can wait I can't say how long, and I never had sent printed items to any one so I do not know what will be the cost for it.

PS. I hope you will read it, because I can't sent you direct message.

Hey man, I've seen your 3D printed naked gnome. I don't have a 3d printer. I was wondering if you'd sell the finished product.

thanks for answering my message, I hope we can work, it is possible that you can do this design, this is the designs that

Buenas podrias hablar contigo sobre los precios que tienes para hacer cada pieza,

Hi there, I downloaded the acorn but I won't go into my carve pro just comes up blank. It dose show tho on my Mac. any ideas ?\

Bonjour Skazok,
Nous vous avons acheté hier un modèle tete de gnome. Serait il possible d'avoir le fichier en iges ou xt.
Nous sommes sur un projet ou nous voudrions uniquement la barbe.Jai besoin d'avoir ce type de fichier pour enlever des éléments
Merci d'avance