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JACOBOHARA, I did design the rear trailing arms in the pictures. The ones in the pictures had a design flaw at the axle mount end and have since been replaced, I don't have the design shared anywhere at the moment but can put it up on Thingiverse.

SCHNIPEXX, I don't have the truck set up with the I-Beam suspension anymore, and unfortunately I don't have any top down pictures of the suspension. The servo in that picture was attached to the servo mounts which I believe need to have holes drilled through them into the top of the suspension arm mounts to bolt them down, it's been so long since I changed it that I don't remember exactly how I had it set up.


I really like your twin I beam suspension! I noticed you have the rear trailing arms too! is this a file you made or found? If so is it available?

Thank you,


hi. Very nice job. Have a picture from above. how is the servo attached ???

How much would you charge to print out 3 of these twin I beam kits? My number is 971-237-6267 my name is Ben. Thanks

On the vehicle pictured the mount is bolted into one of the shock tower holes, the vehicle is lifted so the shocks are bolted to the frame instead of the shock towers. If your vehicle has shock towers installed then you will need to mount it somewhere else along the frame rail (likely need to drill a new hole) or cut off the upper tab so you can bolt it on over the shock tower.

Hola buenas tardes
Primero de todo darte las gracias por tu archivo para hacer el soporte para la barra panhard.
Mi pregunta es como va montada la pieza en el chasis?
Podrías mandarme fotos para ver como lo tienes tú montada ?