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I am interested in selling prints of the whistle bird dragons. I see you told another member 10% royalty, would this be acceptable for the dragon whistle as well?

Estoy interesado en vender impresiones de los dragones pájaro silbato. Veo que le dijiste a otro miembro 10% de regalías, ¿sería esto aceptable para el silbato del dragón también?

If it's posible. When you sell several items you can enter 10% of the sale price in my PayPal account. I can't know how many pieces you sell, I can only trust your honesty. Thanks for consulting me.

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Hiya building the house lamp now,my wife loves it,thing is im looking for a light to go in it ,could send me the link to the light you used thanks

Hello, I bought your articulated bat puppet design, it's a great design, but I have lots of trouble printing it. The head has a steep overhang close to the bed, which made it detach constantly for me. I managed to hack my way around that by not printing the first 2 layers to give it a bigger/cleaner first layer. However, the tolerances are way too tight for me, when the print is complete, the wings are stuck. I can force them to move, but that usually breaks at least some parts of the model, which makes the movement unstable (and still very crunchy). Is there any way to request an stl with bigger tolerances? (I'd need ~0.5mm) Thanks.

I took a closer look, and the connection of the rightmost and leftmost wings are so extremely close, that they actually get completely fused to the inner part by the slicer. This is definitely a design issue, I can send screenshots of both the cut apart model, and the sliced result if requested. (just tell my how, because I cannot attach pictures here...). Cults3D asked me to contact you to resolve any issues, so tell me how can I help, but I'd like to get a model that's correctly printable.

Hello, I'm sorry for the problems with the printing of the bat. If you want I can refund your money, but I'm afraid it's a print quality issue. Try to print the entire bat in a larger size, so the distances will be slightly enlarged and it is possible that you will not get an error. Anyway, I'm going to check the distances.

Borda Borda

Thanks for the fast response! I have an Anycubic Vyper, I've successfully printed articulated dragons, foxes, ponies etc. in the past, it's not perfect of course, but it's a fairly well-calibrated printer. I made some screenshots here, if you could check it:
This is how the outermost wings connect. The other connections mostly have much larger clearance, so this either seems like a mistake, or I misunderstand something. If it was meant to move then, well... it doesn't. If it shouldn't move, then why is it connected like the same as the other wings? Also: keep in mind, that having only 1 wall around a moving part makes it extremely easy to snap off. I've never seen it made like this on other designs, even just 2 walls would be much better for stability.
I leave it to you to decide which would be better and/or easier for you, a refund or some slight model modifications, I'm perfectly okay with either, whichever you prefer! Thank you.

Yesterday I updated the design. Try it now! It is true that there is a thin wall on the hinge but only for a few layers and it resists me perfectly. My kids have played a lot and haven't broken their wings. If you don't get it I can refund your money.

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For anyone who reads the comments here (I also commented this on the model itself): the issue seems to be fixed with the updated design. Thanks for the update.

Hi I was curious if you offered a commercial license for your Jointed Horse Design? I'm interested in possibly selling some painted and finished versions after I get my new 3D printer set up.

Hi I had made some of the animal keychains to friends and family. We all think they are cute. I would like to ask for permission to sell them. you can contact me here or email me at Hope to here from you. Thank you!!

hola tus trabajos son hermosos los animales de smart me encantan compre el reno, pero me gustaría tener mas animalitos no aras otros diseños

Seguramente realice más diseños en un futuro. Gracias por tus palabras.

Good afternoon! I love your prints and would love to sell them, I would like to ask permission to sell prints of your designs, can you let me know if that is ok? thanks!

bonjour quelle colle utilisez vous pour coller vos modeles merci

Hola. Para pegar las piezas impresas en 3d, lo que más utilizo es el filamento 3d y un soldador de estaño. También utilizo silicona caliente y en otras ocasiones cianocrilato.

OK merci. Combien d heures faut il pour imprimer

Depende mucho de la velocidad y el relleno que configures en la impresión. Yo he tardado en cada pieza aproximadamente 17h

Bonjour quelles sont les dimensions du modèle qui est super sympa comme tous les autres. Merci d avance

Merci! Si vous voulez dire le modèle "Jardin Enchanté", les dimensions sont :
Upper garden piece: x19.6mm, y21.9 mm, z16.5mm
Lower garden piece: x19.5mm, y20.6 mm, z8.32mm
You can reduce the size up to 90%, I do not recommend more.

Hola muy buenas, usted me haría el favor de pasarme perfiles de hephestos 2 para PLA y PETG para el ultimaker CURA?
Muchas gracias de antemano

Hello - I bought and have printed the Drago Claws and they're so awesome my friends want me to print them for them too. I'd like to know your rate for commercial distribution, so I can pay you and charge a fair amount for those who can pay it. Beautiful design! I printed mine with a silver silk filament and they are LUXE!

I'm glad you like the design. In order to sell the prints with my permission you must donate 10% of the sale price to my paypal account. If you agree you can sell the prints, you cannot sell the file.
Excuse me because my English is poor.
Thank you for consulting me

Hi there! we reach to you with a friendly invitation to check our work, you may find something you love to print, have a nice day friend, let's keep in touch !

If I send you a picture can you make a 3d of the dog

okay this is going to sound nutty. I love the design of the 3 piece bird house. But instead of putting it outside I am going to put a gnome door on it and put it in my living room. I truly love the design you created for this. THANK YOU.

: ) Good idea!!!

Hello, just start to print this amazing design. I pay for it and download it. Fist part the base is finished. At the middle part i have to flush it whit the printer bed -0,2 mm Y. Everything fine now but I realize that this design is not the same whit the first... I mean that the door on this design have a roof . And diferite from the one piece free version. Is there a 3 piece print but the same design like the free version?
BTW I love your work 😍

I'm sorry, but there is no 3-piece print with the free version design. I'm glad to hear do you like my work.
Thanks for you buy.
I wish the best for you.

Hallo i wanna only ask abaut Door knocker licence ist creative commons that mean i can sell it.. but i wanna still ask u abaut the sell if i can sell? so i can sell it?
Thanks and nice day :)!

yes, you can sell it because there are no sales restrictions. Thanks for asking

Hola buen dia, soy Charly desde Argentina Buenos Aires, te molestamos porque nos parece muy genial el proyecto de la protesis y queremos imprimirla y donarsela a un vecino que nacio sin de la mano derecha, Yino nos mando un modelo pero no es funcional para el niño, si existe posibilidad que nos pasen algun link para la descarga seria de mucha ayuda. A medida que vamos avanzando con el proyecto podemos enviarles las fotos paso a paso. Por medio del Cults3d esta roto el archivo de descarga. Desde ya muchas gracias. Atte, Charly. Nuestro mail es

Hi Shira – I just wanted to check whether you’d notice this Cults competition: I’d vote your brilliant Jointed Robot the winner, myself – and you’ve a few other candidates, too!

I love your designs, keep up the great work!!

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hope you are well
let's support each other and grow together :)

Hola! soy de Argentina, quiero comprarte el archivo, pero estoy teniendo problemas con la forma de pago.

Hello Tibi,
The horse's standing measurements with the legs extended are 22cm (from the ears to the bottom of the hoof).
You will have to calculate it for 35cm
All the best. Sonia


Can you help me please? I want to buy and print the articulated horse, but I need a height 35 cm in standing position. What is the 100% height of the horse in standing on four legs position? Thank you! Tibi