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There is a gap between main hood body and belt on it.

There is a gap between main hood body and belt on it.

hi, for sure with some modifications on your car

hello you dons have the crew cab dually in 1 mod ? do i have to buy the tenders and the buy the car ?

Hi, you will need the car and the crew cab conversion and the dually fenders

ooo ok good i did get it from a guy that did not take like 500 dollar for it but tanks

What wheelbase would this make it if I left the bed alone and just did the 4 door

hi, 4 door conversion add +90mm to the wheelbase, thank you

Hey I don't have a credit card was wondering if you would take e transfer

it depends on cults, maybe you can use paypal

hey i bought the crew cab conversion for the rc4wd chevy blazer and it didnt come with the bed extention

hi, yes thats normal, it doesnt come together

oh really i would have thought for the price it would come with the conversion

no, thats not even in the description

it is in the title RC4WD BLAZER TO CREW CAB CONVERSION and it show a picutre of a truck with the bed extention

you missunderstood that, that converts the body to a crew cab. so everything is fine.

crew cab is the cabin

okay sorry do you sell just the bed extension

for sure, check my other designs

will do thanks great work you have made a great body even better

what's with the ridiculous price hike? $30 for a grille? you're kidding, right?

you get a very cool grill, which did cost hours of designing and you can print it as often as you want

the old prices were "special sale prices" that were not fixed since the sale started. so I fixed them

If you say so. Been buying these parts since before the new ownership notices went up all over facebook, & those "sale prices" were always the price, but cool... chase your customers away lol. By the way, $50 for the bed extensions, etc isn't gonna get you far when there are better models for half the cost at myminifactory on Mod19rc's page, or Knight customs.
Incidentally, I can buy a whole body from other designers for the cost of your grille. Enjoy that $30.... You clearly need it more than I do lol.

2020 until december the prices were different, then the sale prices started but anyhow.

2020 until december the prices were different, then the sale prices started but anyhow.

Good day

Hope you are well. Please can you advise if you have the .stl file for the flatbed used in this photo: SCALEMONKEY - AUSTRALIAN STYLE BOX FOR FLATBED RC CRAWLER AND SCALER?

hello yes, maybe I will upload it next week

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Hi. Please let me know. I will buy it asap it is amazing.

Please can you advise on the flatbed for the 4door mojave body?

Good day

Please can you advise what the price will be for the Flatbed stl file?
And will it be possible to get the Flatbed for a single Cab.

check it next week. you can use the flatbed for projects you want

hi, pls check my designs, the Flatbed is already available.

Hello I just purchased the fuel tank receiver box but it will only let me download the top. Can you please help?

I will try to fix that, thanks for the info

Hi, I fixed it. Now both box parts are available.

hello! i was wondering if you can make a racing fuel jug? thank you.

Hallo Wolfgang,

Schick dir den link heute abend. Bin koch auf arbeit;-)

Die Suburban Verlängerung hat laschen zum kleben dadurch wird gewährleistet das er an der richtigen Stelle verbunden wird.

Ein Lenkrad gibt's leider nicht dazu da gibt es aber einige kostenlose im Netz.


Hallo Patrick !

Gibt es ein Problem mit meiner eMail Adresse ?
Ich habe leider noch keinen Link o.ä. erhalten.

Ich interessiere mich auch für das Mittelteil um einen Suburban zu bauen.
Hat das Teil einen Falz o. ä. um es zwischen der Kabine und der Ladefläche einpassen und ankleben zu können
oder das eine gerade Kante ?

Danke und lG

Hallo Wolfgang,

Natürlich, lass mir bitte deine Email zukommen werde dir morgen einen link zukommen lassen.


Hi !

Ich habe mir das Chevy Interieuer gekauft aber es fehlt die Bank in dem Zip File.
Kann ich die bitte auch bekommen,