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Dear Sir,
We are based in Italy and we are interested in your great models such as Pretty pots collection. We would like to buy them to be able to print and sell them on Etsy where we have a shop for 3D printed items, Skipdesign3D.
We can add your name as the owner of the copyright and will not in any way mass-produce it or wholesale it, please let us know if it is possible or not. Thank you a lot,
Stefania De Corrado e Andrea Maiarelli

Hi there,

I just saw that you downloaded "Orleg" from Daybreak Miniatures! If you would like to get you hands on the rest of the goblin clan "Da Tredzle" you can swing-by my Patreon page and get all 9 of them for only $8. Take a look you might just like what you see!

Have a great weekend and happy printing! :-)

/Sven Juhlin

Daybreak Miniatures