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Hey! Do you take commissions. Would you make rainbow brites horse? With a removable rainbow brite who can ride her?

I was slicing your snowgirl but wondering what size i should set to fit the head and body. I use chitubox basic to slice. When open the file, the parameters of the head and body are "X:55.75 Y:50.44 Z:55.65" and " X:47.96 Y:45.42 Z:54.46" respectively. How am I supposed to set the size to fit the head and body. I dont know if they can be perfectly fit if i use the default size set (100%).

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Hey Jackson77!

So the dimensions are fit at download to be the same scale interference points - I.E. the Head entry to the body cylinder are matched to fit up snugly, with some clearance on them for a fit.

So you should be able to slice them exactly as downloaded. The head is oversized compared to the body, so it might be what you are referring to, but this is from the fact the style of the model is larger head than the body :)

Good luck! If you have more questions feel free to ping, but you should be able to print as is!

*If using FDM (Not tested yet) - I'd suggest supports ;)

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I added a very rough (To show interference fit) of the head and body on slicer software directly from the download, with no scale modifications. Hope this explains it!

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Thank you so much! Then I will try it.

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How did it work out? Here to help more as needed!


Will the GRAND WIZARD CARTMAN print OK via FDM, using esun pla+ filament?

I'm new to this whole 3d printing, but slowly picking it up!

Thanks in advance

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Hey Brettus1989, welcome to the fun hobby of 3D printing! You’ll learn so much over time, there can be some frustrating parts but you’ll become an expert in no time.

For Cartman, I’ve not seen a make/put it on my own FDM, but looking at his round geometry it should workout fine. I’d suggest auto tree supports for overhangs, most likely the brim of his Wizard hat.

If you end up making one, make sure to post, and good luck on your printing journey!

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Thank you! Il give it a go very soon and post how it went

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How did it go? Looking forward to a Cartman make!

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It printed really well!

Unfortunately I was using creality slicer so didn't have the option of tree supports, but used raft, a lot of support was printed, but it worked!

I have since upgraded to cura slicer so I now have the tree support option, which I suspect it would make it even better!

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Very good!@ Yes there are so many slicer softwares out there, especially as ones come with the device you purchase. But the fun of the matter is you get to experiment, learn through failure and get good at it over time!

I was quite amazed by your mariner moose. I'm well aware of how time-consuming it is to become a successful model. Check more:

Did you create Geometry Dash?? If so kudos!

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ? ( not The files)
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Marketplace in town

Good day ROLFRJS! Feel free to send us what you have in mind at :) Have a great and 3D Filled day!

How do I contact you for a commission piece?

Hey UDArtist3! We have a huge backlog of commission work currently but when we get ahead on the requests we will open back up the intake submissions! I’ll make sure to loop back with you when that time comes.

Thanks for your support of us and Cults!

hola que tal le consulto se puede hacer en PLA O solo en resina

Hola! Which design? I think most of them could be printed in PLA with good support settings.

el de mario bros he hecho como esta pero no sale bien en la manito se empieza hacer cualquier cosa, porque el problema debe ser el soporte pero en cura se puede modificar son principiante en esto. desde ya gracias

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Were you able to slice it in Cura with proper supports? If you give me the Model of your printer I can pre-Slice and send you the file!

Happy printing!

Hi! I have a question I hope you can answer.
Can you tell me how you made your design thumbnail move like in a video?
I would really appritiate your answer!

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Hi! I uploaded it as a gif. If you have a short video clip there are apps that can convert it to a gif, then just upload that as your first picture.

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Thank you very much!

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Hi SLaM3DPrintLab, How are you? I am new in 3D printing, i printed this model in PLA. But for painting acrylic, is not so good. I like to know the paint you use? Thank you for your helping, Leide Bittencourt.

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Hi Leide (this is John and Lonnie) - For the most part I am a paint on resin, but I think that acrylic paint should work for PLA as well. What specific problem are you having with it?

For all those Following, downloading, and liking our prints - THANK YOU! We're extremely honored to be: Top Design, Front Page Design post, Creator of the week, and most importantly.... part of the community of printers and designers :)

Stay tuned for more free design content - right now we're deep into the makeover of our storage space to renovate a 3D Printing lab with paint studio, recording, videography, 3d Scanning, wash and resin vacuum vented room... we're going to enjoy making even more designs for you!

Make sure to show us those makes, we get the most joy out of seeing it thrive in others printers.


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Oh yeah!! Can't wait to discover the next steps!

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The title, description, and photos show Rainbow Brite and Twink, but the file only has Rainbow Brite. It is misleading that Twink isn't included when he's in the title and photos and description.

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Our sincerest apologies... we actually didn't know he was left out until you pointed it out!! There is no way we post a RainbowBrite without her TWINK...

-I've updated the file to have the (should have been included) Twink file.

If you are unable to re-download, please update and I'll make a private link to download.

Sorry again, but lets make it right on your end - SLaM3DPrintLab

Thank you for your quick response! I appreciate you fixing it! :)

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You are the one to thank for our first "For Sale" print being corrected and sent as a whole product :)

Hi I saw your work and was wondering f you could help me bring a 2D image of a cat into a 3D file. About the size of a funko pop figure. I have 50 different characters I have drawn up already

Thanks for reaching out Alvatm!

Happy to look into 2D to 3D Conversion - we're starting our commissions soon, but if you wanted to send the pictures, scope of project, sizing, detail level etc. in an email to our pages address (At the top of our design page), would like to take a look for you :)

I really love the work you did on this print with the painting - do you have any tips or strategies for someone trying to simulate that effect you did with the hair/horns (darker in the cracks) or the frosting you have on the bottom of the feet?

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Thank you so much!

Yes, I did basically the same technique for all of those parts:

(Using acrylic paint) First I put down 2 coats of the darker color which has been slightly thinned out with water.

Then I add the lighter color (don't thin it out) with a very small amount on a dry brush. Very small amount so add a little to the brush and wipe off excess on a paper towel. Use this dry brush technique to blend the light color onto the top surfaces.

Hope that helps!

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That was very helpful - Thank you so much and keep up the amazing artwork!

Hello! I saw your mariner moose and was very impressed. However, I am a mets fan and it does not hold as much value to me as it may for you. That being said, could you be kind enough to make a free Mr. Met model? I know modeling takes a long time especially to get it as accurate as Mariner moose, but I just finished a shea stadium print and it would go perfectly next to it. Thanks and have a nice day.

Well... sorry for your luck this last go around Mr Met ;) It was a close one.

I work for Amazon and I had my team create Amazon themed METS Pins - If you ever want one of those I can send it your way!

As for the Mr. Met, we are backed up right now on new models builds and building our new 3D print lab, but I'll keep it on the ideas list!

Appreciate your thoughts on the Moose!

I’d like some of the themed pins that sounds pretty cool

Feel free to toss me
Your address or a PO Box and I’ll send you some Amazon Swag :)

I did talk to our designer and she noted making a Mr Mets would have her father disown her… so no love there. Least I could do is send you some cool pins and stickers instead.


Can I email you my address because apparently everyone would be able to see my address if I put it here

Oh boy absolutely. Honestly first time using messages here.

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Ok I’ll mention my username in the email so you know it’s me: it’s also my first time using this so just being careful

Sent rhe email just check when ya can

Got it! Sending tomorrow :) Happy Printing!!

Make sure to show some pics of your Stadium with a few of our friends when you get it!

Alright not a problem! Any time table on when the stuff should arrive?

Standard mail, so tomorrow or Monday.

Alright thanks!

Hey it hasn’t arrived yet and it’s Tuesday. I know you can’t control when it arrives just asking about its whereabouts since it isn’t here yet

Hey! I’m out of the country right now on business so it might be a chance it got kicked back to my address- but unable to check. Unsure on the USPS timing for logistics- but I’ll check Friday.

Alright let me know then. If it got bounced back to you then maybe you made an error in the address there is a place in the address where it’s easy to make a mistake

Nope - doesn't look like it got returned. Hope you get it soon.

Got the stuff! Thanks man!

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EXCELLENT! Threw in a few extras, even if they aren't baseball related ;)