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I have bought elephant and zirafa !!
I love it.
I have make a big ELEPHANT ( i'll go to post pictures)
I would countinue with Zirafa. . I want to fix to the wall,
so could you make a long neck, because i need to cut the neck for the good inclinaison on the wall.?

And do you have turtle without sidney monument ?
Thanks :)

Is there any chance you can alter your Nurse Front line hero to Africa American? My primary nurse is a black woman, who wears her hair like this, but it's actually in braids. I just wanted one to give her. I'd be happy to pay for the change. I have a picture like her hair. This is amazing and so is your work.

Dear designer,
I have ordered and print the "VOIR HEAR SPEAK NO EVIL (ENTENDRE NE PAS DIRE LE MAL)", to enlarge the colelction, is it possible to have another one Not Smell (with pinch his nose).It will be great. I hope it is possible.

You have a permission to 3d print and give it to whoever you want but you can't sell 3d file or 3d print on online stores like ebay, etsy etc...

Hey, had a quick question. I printed your Batman/Joker mask, and have been wearing it. I've had a few people ask me for one, but I wanted to get permission from you first.

I love this print but can you ask you if you have any plans on making one for a male Dr ? Or Female Dr ?
Thank you in advance.

Good marketing, but am 100% sure I didn't download some box that I can model in 5 min ;)

Hi there. I believe you have downloaded one of my designs (NGK spark plug case) The file version 4 had an issues with thread clearance and thus after printing it out one could not screw the cap to the case fully. If you send me your e-mail, I will send you the corrected designs. Sorry for my mistake.

Oh man that's awesome looking fox, will make it for sure

hello Saddex . a great idea to design animals . I hope u design the Fennec (the fox of desert) it's the symbol of my country Algeria. and support me on my profile by download or donate

Try to download it now.

hey, the nurse hero is so good. my husband is a fireman and yesterday they gave a musical tribute for the clinic and he asked me to print this. however my sliccer reports that he can't print it because it's not manifold (says cura) and prusa gives a fault to. How can i fix this? I printed it but there was a little gap in the wing and the hair was gone. thanks

hello, I would ask you which printer you have for printing these models? thanks.

Hello. I just bought a black-ops-iv-rk-7-garrison-pistol. Can I please get a "fully accessibled" 3D file? In one piece. Thanks. Edgar

Hey, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hey i really like your 'F...K CORONAVIRUS STAND UNITED' would it be possible to make holes in those filters areas i would really like to wear it outside my dad has no problem doing the 'adapters' with filters for it but we dont have any software to either cut it or remake it Thanks for at least reading it <3

Hola buenas por favor me la podrías dar para descargar no tengo dinero.gracias.

Hola buenas Noches, lo primero darte mi sincera enhorabuena por el trabajo que realizas. Es increible los diseños que tienes y son muy hermosos, en ocasiones realizo boquilla de shisha para club de fumadores en españa y me gustaria saber si tendrias incoveniente de que use alguno de tus diseños en ellos. en mi casa tengo varias de tus esculturas como el silencio colocadas en el salon y me gustaria realizar a la reina del sur para un club de fumadores, un saludo y espero su pronta respuesta. Gracias!

Hey there! I just saw your wonderfull steampunk bust! I'm wondering if you have also a female bust, because my wedding will be steampunk-themed, and your bust it's just perfect (if there's a female version of it)

Let me know, and amazing jobs all your models!

I saw your Black ops guns models and was wondering if you could do the locus sniper rifle?? It's a reserves weapon on the game

Hi there, can you upload a 3D model of the VMP from Bo3 and/or the MSMC/MCX from bo2/3 ? I already have printed and painted your saug and it turned out great! would love to pay 15$ each.

Thanx for the awesome Odin file.. wanna see my tribute to the file instagram @craftinga9. U are e most talented designer not a singel error on the print.