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hola, en que precio usd haces funkos personalizados en 3d?

Hi I like your siren head, is there a way for me to sell prints?

Hello, i've seen you've maid a super good job on your funko pops, i wanted to ask you if you make order ? I want to print the "Sulley & Boo Giant" funko pop, a very limited piece that i'm never gonna be able to afford. Can you do that ? If yes, how much would it cost ? Regards

Hello ALET0211,
I re-uploaded a new file ( DaliOBJ_A ) that you can use and I have tried it on the same program that you are using.  I Hope the problem is it now resolved

Hello ALET0211,
I have uploaded two 2 x OBJ files and 3DS file . I have tried them and I did not find a problem opening the file, I hope the problem is solved

Hello ALET0211,
Thank you for choosing my Model.
I re-uploaded the file in two formats and I have contacted you through your personal account in case the problem still exists.

In order not to make the purchase again, I can send it to your email.