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سلام و عرض ادب،یه مدت هست دنبال سایتی که بتونم مدل هام رو آپلود کنم میگردم ممنون میشم اگه میتونید کمک کنید تو این زمینه ،چون من تو ایران .هستم نمی‌دونم میشه فعالیت کرد تو این سایت یا نه.

Jet commander quality is far better than jet king. If you consider to build custom superion you better go to jet commander. I have them both and i suggest choose jet commander

Hi. I'm considering doing the Eagle King (superion) project using your design. How does the the plastic quality on the Eagle King compare to Jet Commander? Wondering if it's worth the extra $$.

Hi, i love your print result in your bruticus. I have jujiang jet commander too, i think it is already in perfect shape.

Greetings. Just wanted to say I loved your Bruticus print (profile pic). Any plans to make more TF upgrades? (Jujiang oversized Superion if you're taking suggestions 😊).

Nice!! Looking forward to seeing/picking up both of those

Yes, but im doing galaxy mega first for the next zord

Love your megazord models! Any chance you might be doing a dragonzord model?

hola. busco camiones en escala 1/18 sprinter mercedes benz bus

Might be ask your friend who own 3d printer to print it

How can i get this done locally.. buying a 3d printer for 1thing seems outrageous for me

Hello, Are you available for freelance 3d work?