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I downloaded your print and printed it out and both sides of the box came out blank and the hinges did not work. I was wondering if there is an updated file that addresses these issues.

Hey longtimetrekkie! 😃

You're talking about the "Heart Shaped Box" design, right?
I figured that there was a problem with the hinges not working due to a file corruption that happend without noticing it when I first uploaded the file back then in February, but I have uploaded the corrected version later on February 12 and you should have received a notification about the new version updated.

If you can't find the email with the notification and the correct file, please just try looking at the your download section and see if it's there.
If not, just go back to the model and re-download it and it should be fine.

Please let me know!

Is it possible to remove the "I love you" from the design? Thank you

Hey there ☺️

A version of the "Heart Shaped Box" design without the "I Love You" text is actually available on my Patreon Page for my Patrons.

You could check it if you're interested. Here's the link if you want to give a look at my page:

Thank you!

Thank you for the revised STL file. The new design printed just fine and works great. Good job, God bless

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Hey shaydu2 ☺️

Yeah, I'm sorry about that inconvenience with the first file, I still don't know what happened 😥
But so glad that the correct file works great ☺️
Hope you liked it!
Please share a picture of howuour print turned out, I'd be really happy to see it!

Thanks again, have a great evening.


Thank you for the updated STL file. The new print now works great. Good job. God bless.

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Awesome! So glad to hear that the updated STL works great now!
Please do share a print of your make, I would be very happy to see it ☺️

Have a wonderful day!

thank for the update, i was going email you, i printed twice and the hinged stick together and break apart. let me print the updated version, thank for the stl.

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Hey Giau-Phan!

Yeah, I'm truly sorry about that issue...I swear I didn't notice before when I posted the file here 😔
But now it should work fine.
Please let me know if everything goes fine this time!

HEART SHAPED BOX - How to set the slicer to print the hinges correctly? I tried PrusaSlicer, Cura and IdeaMaker and none of my settings resulted in the correct generation of g code in the hinge area. The hinges are either completely filled and therefore non-functional or so leaky that they can't even hold together.

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Hi dear!
Thanks for reaching out!

I'm truly sorry about the issue...and thanks to you I've been able to find out that the file has been corrupted and I honestly don't know why and what happened...I haven't figured it before zipping and sharing here...
I swear everything was fine when I test printed mine 😥

I've now updated it with the correct file.
Now everything should be just fine and you should be able to finally print it.

Thank you truly so much for having contacted me and for letting me know about this huge inconvenience.
I'm deeply sorry 😔

Hope you'll finally enjoy printing it!

If you encounter any other problem please let me know!


Hello. The design is very good, but I can't get the front fangs to print, (genius pro): The beginning does not stick well to the bed, (I have magnetic strapping and I put lacquer) and then obviously, it does not print well upwards. I've tried other objects with no problems, but this design doesn't work for me. And nothing of 5 hours, I always get between 9 and 11, supporting the base. material, PLA. It is the design of the skull of the bat thanks

Hey joaquinus2023!
Thanks for reaching by!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems printing the Bat Skull 😥

I know this might sound like a stupid question but, are you using something like the brim or the raft for giving it a better adhesion to the bed?

Personally, for my take, I've printed it using the brim.
Using a brim should help stabilizing the fangs during the print (together with the supports).
Also, be sure that you get the fangs fully supported on the slicer, that should help and let your print goes forward safely (if the slicer don't put supports for the fangs, try adding them manually).

It might then be a bit delicate to remove the supports and the brim near to the fangs, but you should still make it.

Also, if you still find hard having it to succeed printing with the default orientation, you could try tilting it and try with different orientation, for example printing it leaning on its back etc.

Please let me know if that helps.

Hello. Thanks for the answer, it's already solved, as you say, I've changed the orientation in which there would be support for the fangs and it's been perfect. Thanks again, great modeling job. Regards

That's wonderful! So glad to hear that you've made it work ☺️
I'd be so glad to see a picture of how it turned out!

And thanks again for downloading it and for your kind words for my design, I truly appreciate it!

Ei ciao!

Ehi ciao! Italiano? Come posso aiutarti?

Ricambi il segui?

Hi, I love your "cat on a pumpkin" would you be able to design a new version where the cat is hidding inside the pumpkin ? That would be so nice. regards, Marc

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Hi Marc, sorry for my late reply.

First of all, thank you so much for loving my "Cat on a Pumpkin", that makes me really happy!
About your request, sure! That's a nice idea that I've also kinda had in my mind, so I might really consider creating it in the future!
Thank you so much for your suggestion 😸

I've actually uploaded a 2.0 version of it and I've also created a different version of the "Cat on a Pumpkin" that I've shared on my Patreon Page for Halloween 🐈‍⬛🎃
You can check the pics on my Instagram account if you want:

Also, here's the link of my Patreon Page if you want to have a look at it:

Thanks again for your message!

Have a wonderful day.


Hello there!

Thank you so much for your interest in one of my design!
I'm sorry, but if you would like to have a commercial license for selling 3D Printed items (not files) of my works on your Etsy store you need to be part of my Patreon.
If you're interested and would like to know more about how it works etc please visit my page here :

Thank you!


Hello !
How have you put the white, black and red colors, please ?


You mean on the design "Maneki Tora - Lucky Tiger"? Those prints were actually roughly painted ^^

Oh yes, sorry I wrote in the wrong place.
Oh I think it's good! You use what kind of paint ?

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Hahah no problem, it's fine ^^
Thank you so much!! I've used some very basic acrylics, nothing special or specific. I should have at least tried sanding a bit the prints before paiting them tho, to have a better result. But I'm glad you find them good anyways ^^

Hi Luisa, I just printed your thumb holder, love it works like a charm. The only thing bothering me is on the generic one I believe there is a spelling mistake, as it says Reeding, instead of reading. I was just wondering if this is intentional? Would you be able to correct it for me regardless? As personally I would prefer it spelled Reading. Thank you!

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Hi Luc !
First, thank you so much for your message! I'm really happy to know that you like my model and it works good for you ^^

Oh man...I can't believe I didn't figured it out before...even after printing it, taking pics and publishing it...face palm.
I'm truly sorry and embarrassed about that...yes, it's obviously a spelling mistake. I will fix and update it as soon as possible.

Thank you for letting me know about it!

Hello Luc!

I've just uploaded the model with the correct spelling. Let me know if you received the email and you're able to re-download it.
If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to send me an email ^^

Thank your for your download I hope you enjoy it and if you use Instagram please tag me if you post it!
Thanks again

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Merci pour le suivi

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