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Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

Happy new year to you

authorized permission, blessings and success in your business.

Hello. Is it possible to have the source file ? The STL files I've just download are problematic.
Print is done in several pieces because there is no link between each part of the model.

Thank you

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thanks for writing, you are talking about the model STAND CELL PHONE HANDS - SUPPORT FOR HANDS CELL PHONE?

Hello. Thanks for your quick answer.
Yes it is for the phone hands model !

Dear Sir, we are interested in your great 3D models. We are 3D printers based in Italy and we have a shop online selling 3d printed planters only on order- We would kindly ask your permission to use your model to create and sell 3D printed items derived from your models. We will put in our description your name and links as the owner of the model Copyright. Thank you for your attention,

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It is a pleasure that you use my designs, there is no problem, blessings and thanks. I wish you much success in your projects.

Thank you so much you are very kind.

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Hola, compre el archivo del pollito en funko, pero trae muchos errores, las alitas, los ojos y la nariz esta sueltas, puedes corregir el archivo por favos

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A file was added that has already been repaired from the errors reported.

Se agregó un archivo que ya ha sido reparado a partir de los errores reportados.