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Puis je vous demander svp, si vous accepter que j'imprime votre fichier en couleur unie et le proposer à la vente.
Merci pour votre retour
Cordialement Melle Marechal

Bonjour ! Je suis désolé mais c'est pour un usage personnel seulement.

I have seen your design on Cults 3d and wanted to ask you if I can print this for customers as I have a 3d printing workshop in Oman.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Abdullah Alabbadi
Nizwa 3d workshop.
Thank you.

Hello! the modeling of (proyect3dpro) are for personal use thank you, hope you have a nice day

thank you

sry to bother but my freind bought this model and wanted me to print it and it just wont seem to slice in any software ive tryed slic3r and cura and either it dosent slice or it crashes and when i put it into 3d builder its extremely laggy. if you know how to fix this or have an idea itd be greatly appreciated

hello! send me more details about where you want to cut and I will send you the file already cut.

thanks so much and i use cura for slicing

hola, compre uno de sus diseños, la verdad es que es imposible imprimirlo, pesa mucho, el laminador no lo procesa. Podrias enviarme una version mas liviana? muchas gracias

Hola! dime con que modelos son y que tipo de impresora usas, te dejo mi correo electrónico

I Ordered your print and am having nothing but problems with It the supports are very weak and tiny, I have wasted far to much filament tryng to print this but the supports always end up falling away not even 30% through the print process... I'm not impressed that you charge for this. I want a refund as this print is not worth what I paid as I can get free prints off thingevers with the same quality or better and 100x better supports! thanks for your time!

Hello, my name is Samira and I'm from Brazil. I was very interested in your chess games and wanted to know the size of the pieces. If you have other chess projects, I would like to buy them. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the heads up! I just updated it, you can find it in a rar file, if there is any problem send me your email and I will send it to you, I hope I helped you.

Buenas tardes, acabo de Comprar tu Ajedrez de Dioses Griegos, pero este Set esta sin sus Torres. Por favor, podrías enviarme dicho faltante ?

hola, el diseñador te respondio? tambien tengo un problema con un diseño que le compre :(

Hola! si, me respondió medianamente rápido, y me dio la solución en el momento de la respuesta. En mi caso, todo excelente.

i deleted my old mesage cause proyect3dpro provided help and repaired the files in under 24 h , thanks

hello again, I have made a repair with Meshmixer, the mesh was not damaged, it was just a matter of arranging the elements.
I have re-uploaded it in a rar file, please tell me if it is still giving you problems. I hope I helped you

Hello? sorry for the inconvenience, tell me which models are damaged and I will repair them.

descargue zero two y en cura no se me segmenta alguna ayuda porfavor o me devuelve el dinero


Just purchased the Greek gods chess today, and Hera doesn`t have all the finger on her left hand can you please send me a corrected file?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Hello, I was wondering of I could hire you to make some minis for a board game my company is making

I have seen some of your chess pieces, and was hoping to hire you for some miniatures for a board game.

Hello! the file includes only six pieces then you have to go duplicating the pieces to get the chess

Has anyone else had issues downloading the medieval chess zip file? It has downloaded as a 1.68GB file but will not extract. A lot of money for something that does not work. :(

Hello! 6 pieces are included, the design is ready and complete, to get the chess you have to clone the figures. You should do this in the following way;

  • 16 pawns (8 pawns with the moon's shield and 8 pawns with the sun's shield) -4 bishops ( 2 in each team ) -4 horses ( 2 in each team ) -4 Towers ( 2 in each team )
  • 2 kings (One with the moon's shield and one with the sun's shield) and 2 queens ( 1 in each team)

In total you have the 32 pieces.

I hope you will find this guide on how to do the printing useful.

good evening, does you chess set for $14 come with all that is pictured....Both Kings, Both Pawns, Knight, Rook, Bishop and queen in a 3D file that is able to be uploaded