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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Hello, is the BAG END SHIRE LORD OF THE RINGS 3D PRINTING READY STL OBJ suitable for SLA or FDM printers?

Hello, is the BAG END SHIRE LORD OF THE RINGS 3D PRINTING READY suitable for FDM or SLA printers?

Hello , I like to get in touch with you foe a long time business relationship, I need you to design for my business

hello I ask you for an info could you make me the busts of osimhen and kvaratskhelia from naples football?

hola buenas tardes como estas?? necesitaria ponerme en contacto con vos para hacer un trabajo especifico si te podes comunicar conmigo te dejo mi wsp 3513971581 o mi mail desde ya muchas gracias


I was just wondering the volume of this design.


Hello, I contacted you for the Volodymyr Zelensky model for 14,50 eur. On the other platform didn't work. Maybe here or maybe through email As you prefer

Hello! I’m really interested in working out a royalty deal on some of your models. If that’s something you’re interested in please let me know! Best wishes

como puedo poner los soportes?
me imprime mal al llegar al cuello de la camisa

a la impresión de elvis

Hi I like your models. I have a dog that passed away some years ago and I want to make a 3d model of him. If I send you photos of him can you make a model that looks like him?

hi bro the iron throne can i work chitubox file

hello friend, I need a bust of "augusto pinochet ugarte", if you could do it please contact me

bonjour, le modèle est il en plusieurs morceaux ou est il possible de le découper pour augmenter l'échelle merci pour la réponse cordialement

Hello I would like to print the Professor x but minus the collar down so it would be closer to life size in my printer would you be able to help me with this?
Thank You

Hi, I would like to remix your bust of Ariana Grande with a different model from Thingiverse. I am remixing and printing this for local charity event and that's why I am asking you to switch your Ariana model to free for few hours or a day. Your model is the best bust of Ariana I have found on the internet but because the event and the whole organization is non-profit I can't afford to pay for it.

hola queria comprar el busto de ronald reagan, se puede llevar a 15 cm de alturA? gracias!!!!!!

Greetings I have purchased this majestic beast you have created but I would like remove a section from the bottom as to make the head larger in my printer so my partner may place wigs apon him. Don't judge, I was just wondering the best way to do that if you could help me.

Hi, your work is fantastic! Any chance you could do a head/bust for Danny Pudi/Abed from the TV show Community?


we are a Web3D Search Engine. We would like to propose you something via email

If you could do a Lou Holtz one from Notre Dame I will buy it. Also Jerome Bettis I will buy as well

Muy buenas podrias hacer un casco helmet k9 para pitbull a tamaño real? Cuanto me cobrarias?

I am a Model Train Guy in 1/48 scale S Gauge and am building a New City Theme for my wife. My printer is a Creality 10S Pro with 300x300x400 bed size. Can you offer an input as to scaling I may want to try for this building, Do you have other New York City buildings. Thank You Dennis

Good morning Would you have the modeling of Pope John Paul I?

Oh sorry I didnt read that you mean I. No, I don't have him

Hi, could you make a bust of comedian Tim Dillon?

Good morning. My son and I are doing a personal project where we are printing the presidents. We have been able to do about 10 or so but I wanted to see if I could get the whole lot of presidents. Do you have all of them ?