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Je vous ai acheté la DÉPANNEUSE CUSTOMISÉE 06MA-1, serait il possible d'avoir le fichier Cabine sliced A (UPDATE FOR BETTER ASSEMLBY MARCH 22).slt avec les phares et la calandre séparé car je voudrais les imprimer d'une autre couleur.
D'avance je vous remercie.

Hi,I bought "BIKE TRANSPORT DETAIL PACK" and "MOUNTAIN BIKE 23NOV-03",I want to print 1/64,but It's too thin to shrink,Do you have a thicker version?

sto preparando la stampa del camion Porsche .. mi sono accorto che nei file manca una porta posteriore ..

Hi... I checked it, and they're there "Body 0 Back door L" and ""Body 0 Back door R".
If the files don't appear to you, send me a message again, please.

How long is a 1/25 20 inch bike ?

Hi, there are different bikes, but they have more or less the same proportion, the last lowrider bike in 1/25 is aprox 6.4cm (2.5") length and the racing bike in 1/25 aprox 2.65" length

before i ask my question i just want to say you do great work, I own the lowrider bike so my question is, What position would be best to resin print the wheels and body on 1/24 scale for my Elegoo mars 2 pro so that the spokes on the rims dont tear off when trying to remove the supports

Hi, I suggest to print it vertically slightly angled. It will probably work for you

Thanks, I will try that.

Hi, you have some amazing work! I just wanted to clarify, if the file is purchased, it cannot be made and sold?

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Thank you! For commercial purpose, please contact DM me on Instagram.

Hi, you have some amazing work! I just wanted to clarify, if the file is purchased, it cannot be made and sold?

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Thank you! For commercial purpose, please contact DM me on Instagram.

I love your designs, I was wanting to know if I can print and sell

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Thank you! For commercial purpose, please DM me on Instagram.

i just purchased your file and ive been trying to print it but for some reason its not printing anything. Not sure if the files is outdated or corrupted. i would like for it to get fixed or get a full refund.

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Hi! This design was posted more than one year ago and didn't have problems guys told me yet. Please specify the file you cannot print and the printer model. Just to be sure, we're talking about the GT500 Widebody kit, right?

Where did you get the tires for these from?

You mean the tires you downloaded? I designed it, it isn't based on a specific real one

hello, is it possible to make wheelsets on demand? If yes, what are the cost.

kind regarts

Sorry, don't take personal projects


You can because the parts are sliced in small parts. But it will get HUGE. haha I think you'll spend too much plastic...

Maybe it's worth the try :-D i will keep you updated

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PLEASE keep me updated hahaha


This file still isn't fixed.I would like my money back or fix the file

Please, specify exactly what you consider to be updated. Also you can request a refund by Cults, ok?
Thank you

24/07/2022 à 03:25, Cults. a écrit :
I bought the LIFT KIT 02A-2 (LEAF SPRINGS)... from PIXEL 3D.I bought the file on &/16/2022.I messaged him on the 16th and he replyed on instgram.He said he was going to fix it but to my knowledge he hasn't.Here is our convo...

July 16, 2022 9:58 am

I bought this yesterday and between the axel and the springs it looks like it's deformed...Somethng needs to be fixed...


Actually it's "deformed" to fit in more models. But I'll update it soon, another guy already requested that...Sorry for the delay

Thank you
So what's going on with the lift kit ?

yea i had bought the 2010 widebody kit for one of m builders but he never used it is it cool if i have another builder use it

Answered via Instagram, right?

Will write to know the settings you have what machine of a four

of a four?

Please, DM me and send me picture of the situation. Let's solve it

I bought your liberty walk ferrari 458 kit. Wheels doesn't fir. Offset is too big and rim part is passing through it. What scale numbers I need to use to print it to 1/24 scael (fujimi model).

Please, DM me and send me picture of the situation. Let's solve it

I was looking at your camper top for 1977 AMT Ford van. It looks amazing, especially with having the window and no window options. Would you be able to do one for the AMT Chevy van? I would buy one right away, and I'm sure others would as well. There are people talking about this topic on the forums. I have a number of these kits, AMT Rescue van, AMT Police van, AMT A-Team van, Nirvana custom 70's van, etc and would print several of these camper tops.

ps think I will also buy your Ford version and pick up the model kit to match for now.

Hi, man! Maybe... but as there was just 5 items from the Ford camper top, I don't have plans to release those models soon for the moment.

Thank you for your support

Hello,the Platform and the Support models are not watertight.Impossible to print at 1/10 scale.The design is On sale Car lift for Die-cast

you got some duck tail spoilers ?

Please, take a look at the link below, I have two universal spoilers

se puede imprimir en una creatily cr10 en pla?

Hi, it will depend on the item... my models are generally for SLA. I just released a full kit for FDM and it will work fine:

"ON SALE TOYOTA SUPRA BODY KIT (3x offsets) - 11SEPT-02" for this kit/file will it fit fine on tamiya 1/24 supra model? i know this file originally in 1/20 scale and need to scale down want to make sure itll fit ok b4 buying and printing ty

The body kits are not specific for a manufacuter. The wheels offset will probably must be adapted... You also can download it and if you're not satisfied, you can ask for refunds on Cults

Hi. Letting you know that, "LOWRIDER SEAT 07AUG-S11" file has a issue with the front seat. The outside trim doesn't show visibly, in the slicer.

Hi, let me check it. Thanks for your support