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These are awesome. Thank you very much. I would love to see more designs from yourself.

Been looking into methods to do a final paint and touchup to some prints. You look like you have it down! What technique / equipment / materials do you use?

How long is print time please?

Hello, Would you accept $300.00 for the right to sell this model?

es necesario poner soportes en la figura "orochi helmet"


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Hola! Orochi no necesita soportes :) saludos!

Hello, thank you for the great file. BUT I have a problem with that. The pressure shifts first in one direction and then in the other. What can be the reason? Excuse my bad English, I'm using a translator.

Hello, I think the problem is the calibration of your machine, otherwise you have to go back to slicing

Hello Felipe👋,
My name is Karel and I am contacting you on behalf of the 🧵Filament PM company.
We would love to use your amazing 3D models as a part of the promotion for our new recycled material with proper credits.🔥

Thank you for your time and have a beautiful day.

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Hi, where I can buy your license ?

eine wprklich tolle Datei.

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hello, could you modify the file to make a mask that could be attached to the face?

No se necesita usar Vase mode en este diseno? gracias

mario juano défectueux

Bonjour, j'ai acheté ce fichier mais il ne fonctionne pas du tout la piece se detache et warping en plus

How do you paint your builds? An air brush or by hand? If by hand, what type of paint. They are incredible!!

Thank You! I paint with airbrush and brushes and I use acrylic paints.

Hola, gracias. muy bonito el diseño de venus y afrodita. se imprimen con la cabeza hacia abajo? saludos bárbara

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Hola gracias!, se imprimen de cabeza hacia abajo para no usar soportes, Saludos!

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Hello, I am using cura, the latest version. I am having trouble with the supports. I see no custom option, but I do use tree, and they did not want to put any under a part of the chin it seems it needs. It looked good for one print but it started printing in thin air.

Can I download these print them and sell them on my website. If a fee is involved how much??

quick question, can i post to sell if i purchase stl?

Hello my models are only for personal use

Amazing work. Do you model mostly from scratch or do you use 3d scans as a base?

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Thanks! I create my models from scratch :)

Do you have a commercial license to use to print models for profit.

Hello, my models are for personal use only.

Bonjour le vase venus on ne peut pas l imprimer cordialement

Is it possible to use vase mode on the venus model with 10% infill with 2 layers.

i will consider making a plate for the venus and aphrodite pots
Thank you.