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Hello. Yes, you can sell printed models.

Thank You!

Hello you had such beautiful naked models on your profile. Where are they?

Hello. I'll try to come up with something.

i just got it to work

Hello. Yes you can

May i sell print things? May i do small change your Models?

Great Piggsy !!! Thank you very much for your permission and fast answer for me ...Thanks a lot again ...

Hi Victor, If I buy your figures ..Could I sell the print (SLA Printer) (No Mass Market) on the marketplace like (Etzy) or my personal web site ...?? Let me know ..please .. Eventually Can I print at big size like 35/40 cm ?? Let me know ..please ...Best regards ..Raf

Hi. You can sell. Yours faithfully, Victor.

As for the size, you can do the desired scale in the slicer.

Great Piggsy !!! Thank you very much for your permission and fast answer for me ...Thanks a lot again for all ...

Bjr, je suis ingénieur aussi (de l'ENIM), vieux (54a) surtout par la maladie des articulations qui me ronge doucement, mais m'oblige à bouffer des médocs qui ...
Je débute complètement en impression 3D, mais après des 1ères impressions "bluffantes" (imprimer une boite à la 2ème tentative, pas mal !), j'ai galéré pendant des mois (passages à l'hosto aussi avec d'autres priorités) pour comprendre quelques rudiments (le pb du web : on trouve tout ET rien ! ).
Si je t’écris, c'est parce que apparemment on aurais les "mêmes centres d’intérêt" : J'ADORE ta figurine de miss enchainée, (l'ai fait jadis avec ma femme et une copine, même que bien tourné ... ma femme appréciait ...)
Bref : question : débutant, pour obtenir ce résultat, il faut des résines différentes (couleurs ?) ou peindre après : mais faut :
- lissage PARFAIT
- peinture qui ... accroche le matériau et "flashe" (contraste, le noir très NOIR, la peau très claire)
- je suppose un "vernis", produit de rendu (ou le rendu est sur l'image, dommage)
Si tu pouvais "m'aiguiller" ...

Bonjour. Je peins tous les modèles imprimés comme suit. J'utilise de la peinture Hartz grise ou blanche, puis de la peinture primaire acrylique blanche à l'aérographe. Ensuite je peins le tout avec des peintures acryliques, tu peux très bien les diluer avec de l'eau, donc il y a une couleur plus claire alors. Donne de très bons résultats. J'espère que ça aide

Hi, AWESOME work on your Models. I would appreciate the help if you could answer if I can print your Models in about 20cm (200mm) size and is it possible to print them without a Base? Thanks in advance for the answer

Never mind, I just bought a few and they look great in 20cm, THANK YOU

I run a small etsy shop is thee any way I can sell finished product of your model in my store

Hi. Good.


Thank you, hope it prints well, have done. 1 layer height, as I've got. 8 nozzle. How do you create these? Very clever

Thank you)

Hi. I am printing my models on an SLA printer. With a layer thickness of 0.05mm and a layer exposure time of 8 seconds. Unfortunately, I have not worked with FDM printers yet. It is very important to put supports in all overhanging elements. Regards Piggsy.

Yes have done supports, bed 60, pla temp at 215, will see how it comes out. Also reduced size, will be 16hrs

how many hours did it take you to do this are there any special settings i need to put in cura for this Sculpture Girl Piggy Bank STL 3d print 3D print model The model is completely ready to a 3D seal. STL file format.

Hey There,

My name is Max Stein and I’m a designer in Portland, Oregon. I’m creating a fun, goofy, adult-themed book and would love to use your 3D model as part of the design for one of the pages.

Your model will appear as part of a derivative abstract composition. The models I'm hoping to use are FIGURE16V3, GIRL ANIME24, GIRL ANIME29V3, and SCULPTURE-2.

I purchased your model from CULTS-3D and see that it is copyright protected. I am reaching out to politely request for your permission to non exclusively use your design in my book. Would that be something you would be open to?

Please let me know if you’d be open to this or have any questions.

Really love your work and thanks for your time.


Hello. I agree to use my models in your work. I wish you the success of your work. Sincerely, Victor.

I will be happy to see the result of your work, if possible.

Thank you so much! We will let you know when the book is compete.

Much appreciated.

Hello, I am a sculptor that is starting to use 3d prints in my art. I love your bdsm designs and was hoping to acquire permission to use them in my work? What I want to do is print them, paint them, and add my own toys and scenery to them and put everything together into a glass dome for a table top display. I want to sell these little scenes. The copyright states that in order to sell anything printed on this site, I must get permission. Would you give me permission to do this? I have made one for myself if you would like to see what I mean. Please let me know, thank you in advance :)

Hello. I have nothing against selling your prints. I wish you success in your work. Sincerely, Victor.

Hello. Email me.

Is there anywhere else to get your models? I'm not able to purchase from this site.

Hello. Many thanks!

Thanks for the great design. I'm new to 3d printing and like to see something different than the norm. Great stuff!