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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. Have a good discussion!

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Hi, thanks for asking, you can sell the prints of my designs as much as you want! please do not resell the files :) if you need any custom design you can write me to i can make anything you need. thanks again

Hello there, I see someone else has asked the same question, but formally asking permission to sell your George and peppa pig combo as we just purchased it and we are a 3d printing company who sells cookie embossers mainly but we would like to get into cutters. Thank you for your time :-) I get requests often for various cutters I notice below that you custom make them is that correct? thank you

Hello! You can sell the prints of my designs as much as you want! please do not resell the files :) if you need any custom design you can write to thanks for your purchase

I hope you are well. You probably get this a lot, but will you be interested to give permission for one or some of your designs to be used commercially by me please? I intend on selling the 3D prints, but only with your permission. Specifically at this point I'm looking at the Dinosaurs cookie cutters.

Whatever your decision I'll respect that and keep to it.


buenas, a mi me llego el mensaje que compraste el cortante de hulk, debe haber sido un error de la pagina. igualmente para que no tengas que comprar de nuevo si queres escribime a y te envio el archivo de thanos. saludos

Hola amigo yo compre el cortante de thanos pero cuando voy a descargar me baja el cortante de la mano de hulk, podes corregir eso, gracias

hi, i can do the house whit the holes on the windows, pass me an email to send it to you. thanks for your purchase!! :)

Hey friend.

I purchased the Bates motel 3d print from you. Would it be possible you can make the windows hollow/open? I have tried to do it with many mesh tools but with no luck. I will happily pay you more for the time?


hi sorry for the delay you can scale it up as much as you want. but scaling down you lost detals on the railings

How close to 1:160th scale can this go?

Is this available in (1:160) scale, by chance?

hola como estas quisiera consultarte si tenes que otras como estas saint seiya taurus temple aldebaran los caballeros del decis cual otras tenes ?gracias

Hey thanks for your great work, please can you tell me the size of the paw patrol cookie ? also can you make the different badges ?
Thanks !

Hi Patricio,

Will you build the other Gold Saints Temple ? I just downloaded the Aldebaran's temple.



boa noite Patricio, comprei um arquivo seu pra testar , gostaria de encomendar o arquivo do MUNDO BITA e TURMA DA LOOL, .
tenho que te mandar fotos?
O arquivo permite desagrupar em partes?
Aguardo resposta
Desde ja agradeço muito obrigada..

bom dia, eu faço qualquer projeto por solicitação, cada projeto por encomenda tem um preço de 3 dólares que podem ser pagos por paypal. Você pode escrever para para me enviar imagens do que você quer.

boa noite , gostaria de saber se vc faz arquivo para cortadores de biscoito sob encomenda e se podem ser desagrupados?